AEW Stars Concerned About New Show

Lots of growth isn't always a good thing, as we are hearing some AEW stars are concerned about the new show.

Concerned About New Show
Credit: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Lots of growth isn’t always a good thing, as we are hearing some AEW stars are concerned about new show.

Recapping how things are going in AEW…

They have a shiny new video game finally about to drop.

There is a massive new television deal in the works.

And, yes, AEW has a new show coming in June, called Collision.

Ignoring the comments about Collision looking like a clone of WCW Nitro…

There was a bit of talk that might have surprised some.

Concerned About New Show
source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

AEW Stars Concerned About New Show

One of the appeals to a lot of talent in AEW, when they joined?

The limited travel schedules, in addition to the ability to work dates outside of AEW (with some caveats).

Plenty of former WWE talents wanted the opportunity to travel less, so AEW appealed to them.

A number of top indy stars opted for AEW over WWE in no small part due to the much friendlier travel schedule.

Well…now we have Collision coming up, and that will be a show that is live every Saturday evening.

Up until then, AEW only offered one live weekly television show, Dynamite. Sometimes Rampage has happened live, but not often.

Dark and Dark: Elevation are pre-recorded, like most Rampage episodes are.

Concerned About New Show
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

Which, if you haven’t figured it out, means that with usually a single live show each week, and less frequent PPVs, there’s a much easier travel schedule.

AEW, unlike WWE, does not do nearly the touring for house shows.

Well, with Collision coming, some AEW stars are expressing concern about the increased travel.

Per a report via PWTorch, some talent have objected to the likely added travel, with comments like “I didn’t sign with AEW to work two TV shows a week”.

There had been talk about a potential brand split of some sort coming to AEW, much like WWE has employed.

While there has been nothing announced, it is entirely possible that the company does use Collision as a chance to give select talent a showcase.

All Elite certainly has the roster depth that they could run each show without needing a lot of the same talent working both shows often.

The Torch also noted that some episodes might be pre-taped, but the company intends to run live as much as possible, using Collision as their second big featured show.

As much as AEW was positioned as everything WWE was not…it sure is starting to look more like a competitor.

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