Rey Mysterio’s Bold Idea, AEW Star Returning

To follow their stellar WrestleMania match, check out Rey Mysterio's bold idea. Plus, one AEW star hints at returning soon.ce

rey mysterio's bold idea
Credit: @wrestlefeatures, twitter, screenshot

To follow their stellar WrestleMania match, check out Rey Mysterio’s bold idea. Plus, one AEW star hints at returning soon.

Rey Mysterio’s Bold Idea

We know the feud is far from done, but get a load of Rey Mysterio’s bold idea to wrap it up.

After months and months of torment, Rey Mysterio finally caved and fought his son, Dominik.

The two had a pretty strong showing at WrestleMania 39, with father defeating son.

Given that it was Rey Mysterio’s Hall of Fame induction weekend, giving him a win there made some sense.

However, you can just tell that Dominik and the Judgement Day won’t rest until the son trumps the father.

Currently, it looks like we might see a tag match involving them and Bad Bunny at Backlash…but that probably won’t end the feud.

The elder Mysterio spoke on a recent IMPAULSIVE podcast and provided a bold idea to wrap things up.

And, fittingly, it’s rich with Lucha Libre tradition.

rey mysterio's bold idea
source: @wrestlefeatures, twitter, screenshot

Mask versus hair. If Rey wins, Dominik loses his Eddie-style hair.

But, if Rey loses, he unmasks.

Now, some of us are old enough to remember when Mysterio went without his mask in WCW-or, you’ve seen the clips.

But, especially in light of his Hall of Fame induction, it would seem like his career is certainly winding down.

Would a possible mask versus hair match not only cap the family feud, but also cap his career?

I want to say probably not, but who knows.

In a perfect world, even though Dominik is getting a ton of heat right now, you can envision a retirement match that ends in Dom’s redemption.

That’s down the road, no matter what.

I have to think that we could see things build toward another one on one match for father and son, perhaps at SummerSlam.

And if so, might Rey Mysterio’s bold idea come into play?

AEW Star Returning

There are quite a few talents missing time, but one AEW star could be close to returning.

Shawn Spears has not been on AEW television in six months.

Per a Tweet from him, that may be changing.

Or, he’s just trolling us all.

Ricky Starks, of course, got laid out last week by the now All Elite Jay White.

Switchblade appeared very early in last week’s show, and poor Ricky Starks was all alone.

Could Shawn Spears return as some needed, if underwhelming, backup?

The message from Spears himself seems to hint at the possibility of it.

Without knocking Spears too much, it seems he has never managed to get close to the popularity of his Tye Dillinger run from NXT.

Yes, I know he made it to the main roster, but his NXT run was where he peaked.

I’ve watched him in AEW, and I can’t say he’s blossomed. That’s why I am curious if a Spears return does much.

After all, Starks was taken out by Switchblade Jay White, former IWGP Champion, and until last week, a major free agent.

Meaning, someone WWE also wanted, and you have to think he would slot into the upper card for either organization.

Does Shawn Spears feel upper card? Or would someone like Spears just be a warm-up, to an even bigger challenge to Jay White?

Or, could this be his chance to really shine? Come back from baby leave with a bang?

rey mysterio's bold idea
source: @shawnspears, twitter, screenshot

With time away to refresh and recharge, and perhaps really go all-in on reviving what he can of his Perfect 10 gimmick…maybe?

Plus, considering who he runs a wrestling school with (the former Tyler Breeze), I can’t help but wonder if maybe the “good lookin'” comment had a loaded meaning.

While AEW has guys it simply isn’t using, adding someone like Breeze could be fun, too.

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