RAW In A Nutshell: Should Seattle Be Better?

should seattle be better
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It’s time for another RAW In A Nutshell, and this week I have one question: should Seattle be better? It better not be worse…

As in, better than last week, because let’s be honest. The post-WrestleMania RAW was among the worst in memory.

Maybe not an all-time stinker, but it was bad on so many levels. It was confirmed after the show that indeed, Vince McMahon was doing what Vince does (no, not the illegal stuff).

But, for those of us who suffered through it live? You didn’t really need someone to tell you that, did you?

So, should Seattle be better? Man I hope so.

The RAW and SmackDown after WrestleMania have generally been among the most-anticipated shows of the year.

This year, both shows were not up to the expectations of fans. At least SmackDown was better than RAW…but again, low bar.

So, while I think it can be…should Seattle be better? Do I dare give myself hope?

I do, if only because I think all involved heard the complaints loud and clear. SmackDown may or may not have shown that.

So, let’s get into…

RAW In A Nutshell: Should Seattle Be Better?

It’s time to crack this one open and find out!

should seattle be better
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Best Match of the night:

I have 3, in no particular order.

Bronson Reed and Bobby Lashley.

Women’s Triple Threat #1 Contender match.

Kevin Owens versus Solo Sikoa.

All were good, on a show vastly improved from last week’s effort.

Worst match of the night:

I loved…LOVED…the title win for Liv and Raquel.

should seattle be better
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But the match sucked. No fault of theirs, but it wasn’t working for me.

Star of the Night

The Usos, Solo Sikoa, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Matt Riddle.

IYO SKY too, for sure.

Spot of the Night:

This won’t ever get old…probably…

Jobber of the Night:

I’d go with…honestly no one.

Upset of the Night:

IYO SKY beating Mia Yim and Piper Niven, getting herself a shot at Bianca Belair for the RAW women’s title.

should seattle be better
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Do I think SKY gets that title? Sadly, no…but she deserves the opportunity, and I think that match could be excellent.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Maybe it’s just to build toward a faction change, but instead of Bayley in the #1 contender’s match, we got IYO SKY…and she won.

source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Love it.

Botch of the night:

Given my worst match of the night, this one should be seen coming a mile away.

Trish Stratus had quite a few of them. Either it was done on purpose (doubt it) or it’s just ring rust and all that.

Either way, she had botches during the match, and that whole exchange after, leading up to the turn?

One big botch.

Almost made me forget Dom’s fumbles on the mic…but not quite.

Commentary of the night:

It was mentioned on air by Graves, as well as pre-show on Twitter by the usual suspects, but WWE talent experienced travel issues getting to Seattle for RAW.

LOL Moment of the night:

Cody mentioned the rubber chicken! He also mentioned his friend Matt…and I’d bet money it’s a guy from Long Island…

Noteworthy Moment:

We got the Trish turn that we’d heard about going back to like December or January. It was…meh.

But before that, we got Liv and Raquel as tag champs…so that is a good thing.

WWE travel issues meant a few announced matches were changed. No Riddle versus Miz, no Bianca versus IYO.

Cody Rhodes came back after only missing SmackDown. Addressing the crowd, he challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at Backlash.

I would have been fine with him missing another show to really sell the attack, to be honest, but minor nitpick there.

We also seem to be seeing tension in Damage Control. Honestly, whether it’s a new leader or something…that group got stale quick.

Not putting the title on Bayley last fall was a miss.

Overall lowlights:

I know there are plenty of fans stoked for heel Trish Stratus going against Becky Lynch.

Honestly, I don’t see why. If I am to get excited for this, Stratus needs to put the work in and bring it.

should seattle be better
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

There are too many women in the locker room who are sharper and better than 2023 Trish, but who are not getting the spot because of her.

Maybe I am in the minority, but this is one turn…one whole angle…that just isn’t moving the needle.

Overall highlights:

The women’s triple threat was better than expected, with fresh faces.

Bronson Reed and Bobby Lashley was entertaining…and I would not hate those two having a rivalry turn into a strange partnership.

KO and Solo had a strong main event, with the last minute save made by Riddle and Zayn, who may or may not have just arrived from travel issues.

That last segment, of course, no doubt setting up a big match for Puerto Rico.

After the final bell:

Very curious to see if we indeed had some legit travel issues, but there seems to be some truth to it.

That said, having Sami and Matt run in from the back at the same time, with just a few minutes left in the show…I am going to say that was played up.

Which, I am OK with.

I’ve said my piece on Trish and Becky. This could be good, but it has a long way to go.

So…should Seattle be better? Yes it should, and yes it was.

Cody delivered a strong promo, the story is still being told, and Brock Lesnar will be another chapter.

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