Is One WWE Superstar Done, Chavo Guerrero’s Surprise Comment

After a recent segment, is one WWE Superstar done with the company? And get a load of Chavo Guerrero's surprise comment.

One WWE Superstar Done
source: @_denisesalcedo, twitter, screenshot

After a recent segment, is one WWE Superstar done with the company? And get a load of Chavo Guerrero’s surprise comment.

Is One WWE Superstar Done

Some returns aren’t made to last, so after a recent segment, is one WWE Superstar done with the company?

Or, should we ask, is one WWE Superstar done with her current comeback?

In recent months, WWE fans have had a chance to enjoy the returns of Lita and Trish Stratus.

Both women are WWE Hall of Famers, and certainly not expected to stick around full time.

Lita teamed with Becky Lynch to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, though the duo just recently lost the titles.

And, the duo that lost the titles was actually Stratus and Lynch, because Lita was shown to be taken out prior to the title match.

Trish Stratus took Lita’s spot, and the rest is history.

One WWE Superstar Done
source: @_denisesalcedo, twitter, screenshot

That loss, of course, was followed by the very expected turn of Trish Stratus on Becky Lynch.

Stratus has since taken credit for the attack on Lita prior to the tag title match.

Now, while we look forward to a Stratus/Lynch solo feud…is Lita done with WWE?

According to PWInsider…maybe.

There are no current plans for Lita. Given that she is a limited-use Hall of Fame special attraction, that seems to make sense.

At the same time, while Trish Stratus is front and center, it’s not likely she’s sticking around as an active, every show competitor either.

Given the nature of Lita’s appearances, it isn’t necessarily stunning that there aren’t current plans for her.

The backstage attack was done to write her off of television, and WWE can keep her off for as long as they see fit.

Should the company want to have Lita back in Becky Lynch’s corner, say for SummerSlam? It wouldn’t take a lot of work to get there.

But, it’s entirely possible that, at least for now, one Superstar is done with WWE.

Chavo Guerrero’s Surprise Comment

One late WWE Hall of Fame has been talked about quite a bit of late, which is why Chavo Guerrero’s surprise comment stunned me.

Eddie Guerrero, though he’s been gone for quite a while, has managed to feature prominently in the feud between Dominik and Rey Mysterio.

Dom, for his part, has brought back the “Eddie is my dad” angle from the Attitude Era-even though someone was not happy about that.

Rey has done a lot to keep Eddie’s memory alive for decades, and continued that during his Hall of Fame induction.

And then his WrestleMania entrance was the cherry on top, complete with Snoop Dogg driving him out in a low rider.

One WWE Superstar Done
source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Which again, is why Chavo’s surprise comment is, well…a surprise.

Chavo, speaking during a virtual signing, effectively told Rey to stop trying to make a living off of the Guerrero name.

He said that while at times they appreciated the gesture, Chavo is capable of keeping Eddie’s memory alive, and the family is good without Rey’s help.

The surprising comments could be just that…comments. Or, this could be Chavo, in character, taking shots at Rey for what could come down the line.

During the talk, someone asked about the chance of Rey and Chavo squaring off at WrestleMania 40, and Chavo definitely answered in character.

Chavo Guerrero also curiously noted he’d like to help Dominik in his ongoing feud, which is not what I’d have expected.

Considering that Chavo is believed to be a free agent, this could actually happen. Logistically, I love the idea of Rey and Chavo in Philadelphia, feuding over Eddie’s memory.

After all, it was in ECW where many American fans (myself included, at the legendary arena) got their first glimpse of both future WWE Hall of Famers.

Could we see Mysterio versus Guerrero at WrestleMania?

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