Nigel McGuinness
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During a recent interview, Nigel McGuinness reveals that he may come out of retirement for AEW’s All In. Plus, Logan Paul expresses interest in the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Nigel McGuinness Back In Action?

Due to medical issues, Nigel McGuinness hasn’t wrestled inside of a ring since 2011. A top star in Ring of Honor (ROH), his feud with Bryan Danielson in the early- and mid-2000s helped place that promotion on the map.

This past April 5th, Nigel signed with AEW, returning as an announcer for ROH’s Supercard of Honor event. He also recently helped Tony Kahn make a major announcement about All In, being held in London at Wembley Stadium.

The AEW announcer recently chats with Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy. He talks about the potential for him to come out of retirement for the big UK event.

Could Nigel McGuinness Come Out Of Retirement For AEW’s All In?

Nigel notes that All In is “certainly the event” and might be the final chapter of his career and journey. With that said, he notes that there are several factors.

One is that he’s at an age where he doesn’t want any injuries to impede his ability to enjoy the rest of his life. He listed things like being an active parent and traveling, as stuff he’d like to continue doing without worrying about an injury.

He also recognizes the fact that there are talents on the roster that “deserve” a spot for a major event like this one. In addition, he states that coming out of retirement would depend on the event, his opponent, and timing.

McGuiness closes things off by saying he could get in the ring “tomorrow”, although he’s not sure if he could easily get back out, after the fact. Only time will tell.

As of this writing, no matches have been announced for AEW’s All In. It’ll be interesting to see how the card shapes up.

One person who is eager to get back into the ring is Logan Paul. A relative newcomer to the WWE, he has his eye on a new prize.

Logan Paul – World Title

Last night on RAW, Triple H made a major announcement. He revealed that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be brought back into circulation.

Nigel McGuinness
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Of course, social media exploded with thoughts on the look of the title, as well as speculation on who would be the first to hold the championship. The obvious favorites were Cody Rhodes, Bobby Lashley, and Seth Rollins.

Paul Logan Throws His Hat In The Ring

Of course, YouTube sensation and newly re-signed talent, Paul Logan wasted no time in letting everyone know his intentions know. His tweet, below.

Logan has revealed in the past that he’s eager to become a WWE Champion. While he did get a shot at the WWE Universal title at the Crown Jewel event held in Saudi Arabia last November, he was unable to beat current champ, Roman Reigns.

With that said, his performance during the match was a major win for him. He did a phenomenal job and won the respect of many within the WWE Universe.

Still, if he wants to snag that beautiful new WWE title, he’ll have to travel to Saudi, once again. The inaugural World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned at Night of Champions on May 27th, and the event will be held at the Jeddah Super Dome.

It’s been said that Paul’s current deal with the company is for a couple of years. Much like Roman Reigns, Logan’s appearances on WWE TV are limited, so it’s hard to say if the promotion wants two part-time high-level champions.