McMahon Involved At WrestleMania, Why Rhodes Hates Rollins

mcmahon involved at wrestlemania
Credit: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Perhaps to the surprise of no one, Vince McMahon was involved in his own way at WrestleMania. Plus, why Cody Rhodes hates Seth Rollins is revealed.

McMahon Involved At WrestleMania

In news that probably won’t shock anyone, Vince McMahon was involved at WrestleMania.

Lots of news has been coming up involving Vince McMahon in recent days, so hearing he was involved at WrestleMania is just another tidbit.

According to Fightful, McMahon spent night one at Gorilla and was happy to offer any and all talent feedback.

Many have suspected, ever since he forced his way back, that McMahon was involved with creative again.

There have been reports to the contrary, but that won’t stop rumors.

Per the news from Fightful, while Vince has been around of late, he’s actually been pleased with the work done by his son-in-law.

Meaning, it is not as likely that Vince has, or might try to take back creative control.

mcmahon involved at wrestlemania

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

However, just like Vince has been happy to offer feedback to Superstars, he’s also no doubt fine with giving Triple H input too.

With the talks of a sale accelerating, Vince has no doubt been around for certain specific reasons.

Having him involved in any capacity may not be going as bad as we’d initially think.

After all, night one of WrestleMania 39 was exceptional, and night two as well.

While the old boss certainly had influence on some matches in his own way, it remains Triple H pulling the creative strings.

Why Rhodes Hates Rollins

The two have recently clashed off-screen, and now we get to talk about why Cody Rhodes hates Seth Rollins.

Rhodes spoke with Ariel Helwani ahead of WrestleMania, and the animosity between he and Rollins came up.

It turns out that the feud the two had in 2022, starting with Rhodes’ triumphant return at WrestleMania 38, had some legit heat to it.

The American Nightmare opted to not call it hatred, trying to tone things down ever so slightly.

He did not deny that he and Rollins got physical backstage in the recent past.

As for why Rhodes feels the way he does about Rollins, Cody chalked it up to jealousy.

Specifically, jealously on his part.

mcmahon involved at wrestlemania

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Rhodes opened up about having a jealousy toward Rollins, and many of those other NXT-based talents who got training from the late American Dream, Dusty Rhodes.

Moving past that, Rhodes noted that he was jealous of some of Rollins’ career highlights-pointing out his WrestleMania “heist of the century.

In the grand scheme of things, some professional jealousy is not shocking. I am sure there is a bit if it in any locker room.

What is shocking is the timing of it, with this all coming to light as Rhodes was in the midst of chasing the proper ending to his story.

Still, I wonder a bit about it, because of this. The Dusty/NXT comments have been made not only by Rollins, but by Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman.

Point being, if they truly drove Rhodes nuts, something tells me they’d be off limits.

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