Did We Get The Right WrestleMania Main Event

right wrestlemania main event
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With night one of WrestleMania 39 now in the books, there’s time to reflect. As such, let’s ask…did we get the right night one WrestleMania main event?

That might seem to be a preposterous question to ask, all things considered.

Heading into the show, we knew what match was leading off…until there was a bit of confusion a few days before the show.

And, that confusion didn’t even involve the two true main event contenders. Instead, comments made by Nick Khan had fans thinking Theory-Cena had been moved.

But, it was not.

Before things became officially official, there were two suspected choices.

The SmackDown Women’s Championship bout between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley was one.

Or, the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship clash was the other.

So I ask, now that they are both behind us…

Did We Get The Right WrestleMania Main Event?

Honestly, this one felt like it should be incredibly easy to answer.

Absolutely, without a doubt, we did. Right?

But…no. Based on the build up and the hype leading up to WrestleMania, yes, we had the right main event.

Then Saturday happened. There is a reason Charlotte is smiling in this picture…

right wrestlemania main event

source: @uwublonded, twitter, screenshot

I say that based on performances and crowd excitement on Saturday.

Nothing against Flair or Ripley, but they were never as over as any of the main event combatants in 2023.

Simply put, everyone involved with the Bloodline program is just in another universe.

I feel as though, a month or so back, it was likely that we’d get the women as our main event.

And, I would actually argue that perhaps we should have. That we didn’t is partly to blame on WWE.

Mostly, the women were just victims of circumstance.

Not that it’s a pop competition, but some of the biggest pops of the year belong to Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and the Bloodline.

None of those pops belong to Charlotte Flair, nor to Rhea Ripley. But…Saturday was different.

right wrestlemania main event

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

When Superstars organically get over, as was the case with Sami Zayn, there’s not much you can do but ride it.

That said, I could toss some blame on WWE. While the SmackDown Women’s Championship is a big deal…it did not feel as though the women got enough hype.

In a perfect world, I would totally like to see WWE determine that each of the Royal Rumble winners is locked in to one of the two main events.

However, doing so would have robbed us of the first-ever tag title match main event at WrestleMania.

It would have also prevented the hottest face in WWE-Sami Zayn-from getting a much-deserved WrestleMania main event.

Is it fair? Life isn’t fair, so probably not.

But to keep things in perspective, remember this: it wasn’t that long ago that WrestleManias were still just a single…very long…night.

Meaning just a few years ago, we wouldn’t even have had a Sami-KO WrestleMania main event moment.

Instead, it would be Rhodes and Reigns at the top…and nothing else would have mattered.

Would I have hated Rhea and Charlotte as our night one main event? Not at all.

I would not have hated it if we knew it was the main event going in, and I wouldn’t have minded if we found out Saturday morning, either.

That we did not have confirmation of our night one main event until basically the morning of the show does tell me something.

As electric as the KO/Zayn versus Bloodline feud has turned out to be, there was still some strong desire to have the women main event night one.

With that all said, the women weren’t in a bad spot.

Ripley and Flair were one of the last matches. The match made history, with every aspect (competitors, official and announcer) all female.

And, the performance the women put on? Had the show ended after that match, no one would have been able to say that they didn’t deliver a main event worthy performance.

Except, it wasn’t the main event…and the main event we did get was even better and more epic. Which is saying something.

Every Superstar wants to do it. They all dream of main eventing WrestleMania.

Each year only a few get to do it.

But, this year, more than two matches delivered main event worthy performances.

And while leading up to the show, you totally knew why WWE went with the main event that they did…you’d be hard pressed to say that Flair and Ripley didn’t wind up stealing the show.

I say that acknowledging that we had several really great matches.

So, yes we had the right WrestleMania main event…but the women’s title match would have been every bit as worthy.

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