RAW In A Nutshell: Just Two Weeks Until Hollywood

two weeks until hollywood
source: WWE, YouTubeTV, screenshot

It’s another RAW In A Nutshell, and with just two weeks until Hollywood, things can’t get much hotter, can they?

Two weeks until Hollywood means, of course, that we are just two weeks away from WrestleMania 39.

On our latest SmackDown, Sami and Kevin took a big step toward lining up one major match…but will it be made official?

What other matches might we see locked in tonight? After all, the card isn’t nearly full yet.

We know that Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes are locked in.

Dom Mysterio is doing his worst to goad his dad into a match, but will it happen?

This close to WrestleMania, just two weeks until we hit Hollywood, could we get any surprises? Will we get Bray Wyatt?

There isn’t much time left to figure it all out, so let’s dive into…

RAW In A Nutshell: Just Two Weeks Until Hollywood

two weeks until hollywood

source: WWE, YouTubeTV, screenshot

Let’s crack open this Nutshell and see where the night takes us!

Best Match of the night:

There were a few solid matches, but I feel like this one should go to Gable and Ricochet.

two weeks until hollywood

source: WWE, YouTubeTV, screenshot

Otherwise, it is the opening and closing segments.

Worst match of the night:

I could go Omos and Mustafa Ali here.

source: WWE, YouTubeTV, screenshot

And while not bad, I am a bit surprised that both Johnny Gargano and Bayley lost cleanly.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

This is awesome


You’re not ready

Star of the Night

Cody, Kevin, Sami and The Bloodline.

source: WWE, YouTubeTV, screenshot

Was there ever any question?

Spot of the Night:

Belair with the KOD on Piper Niven.

I don’t care if Niven might have been holding on to help it, Bianca was carrying around a much larger woman for an impressive move.

Jobber of the Night:

Mustafa Ali got destroyed by Omos. No way that Omos was losing now, this close to Hollywood.

I could also say that Montez Ford did the job to Austin Theory. Hate seeing Montez lose, but I get it.

Upset of the Night:

Chad Gable was not happy with what Maxxine did.

source: WWE, YouTubeTV, screenshot

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Dom dropped the mic with his promo tonight. Noted that the whole Mysterio family would be coming to watch soon, and he’s basically going to push to his mom into letting Rey fight him.

source: WWE, YouTubeTV, screenshot

As much as so many of us likely want Rey to win, this is a match young Dom needs to win. Preferably clean.

Botch of the night:

Well, you might have thought the Logan Paul mic issues were a botch…but no.

LOL Moment of the night:

Seth Rollins (holy hell that outfit!) taking over the truck and messing around with Paul’s mic was pretty fun.

Also…Otis getting any sort of beauty treatment is hillarious.

source: WWE, YouTubeTV, screenshot

Noteworthy Moment:

It would seem like Logan Paul confirmed which night he and Seth Rollins would be working.

Paul, during his ImPaulsiveTV segment, declared he would be fighting Rollins on April 1st, his 28th birthday.

Though, the 1st is a Friday, so I assume he means Saturday. Maybe not?

Also, we knew Finn and Edge were clashing in Hell In A Cell. In a pre-recorded bit, Edge told Balor to leave Finn home and bring his Demon to meet Edge’s devil.

source: WWE, YouTubeTV, screenshot

Should be a good one.

Overall lowlights:

Not specific to this evening, but I’ve not vented about it yet and I want to…so I will.

I don’t mind that Charlotte and Asuka got newer or tweaked themes. What I do mind?

That both women got the voice-over treatment, which seems like it was stolen from Cody.

Cody doing it was awesome, I think. Charlotte having it, and then Asuka?

Waters it down, and for each of the women it’s less cool because it isn’t just their voice, or their voice at all.

Overall highlights:

The usual, shouldn’t be a shock. Sami and Kevin and The Bloodline and Cody.

source: @WWE, twitter, screenshot

Really, with two weeks until Hollywood, the top guys being the top guys doing top guy things is expected.

Opening segment was great. Main event segment was better, and clearly the kid gloves are off, with WWE and Cody holding nothing back.

After the final bell:

All I can think about now is, if we had this as the next-to-last RAW…how lit will the go-home show be next week?

Outside of all the obvious stuff, we had a lot of nuance with Roman, Jimmy, Jey and Solo.

That close, with Rhodes stopping a spike and then Reigns coming to get his boy?

It was crazy. And it does show that Solo is still a big thing in the long-term plans (no shock there).


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