Randy Orton Wants Big Return, WWE Smart About Events

randy orton big return
Credit: @wrestlelamia, twitter, screenshot

There is a growing buzz that we should see him soon, and now more that Randy Orton wants a big return. Plus, if you missed it, WWE is being very smart about picking locations for premium events.

Randy Orton Wants Big Return

We have not seen him since May of last year, but it sounds more and more like Randy Orton wants a big return.

How big?

Perhaps a Hollywood-sized return.

As in, per some reports, Randy Orton wants a big return at WrestleMania 39.

This ties in with other recent reports that indicated that Orton would be in town for WrestleMania weekend.

It is worth pointing out, of course, that Orton could have simply been flown in as part of the Hall of Fame festivities.

Now, it’s sounding more like a return to the action, not a mere Hall of Fame cameo.

And, as the reports go, Orton does not want to miss another WrestleMania.

Saying that it pained him to miss WrestleMania 32 due to injury, the Viper does not want to miss another.

While big returns are often in store for the Monday after ‘Mania, Orton does not seem interested in a RAW return.

randy orton big return

source: @wrestlelamia, twitter, screenshot

If he’s indeed coming back, and in Los Angeles, he wants to show up at SoFi Stadium this weekend.

In terms of the “how” or “why”, there are a couple interesting theories I’ve seen thrown out there.

One such suggestion had Orton and Riddle returning to help cost Roman Reigns-a little revenge against the Bloodline.

Another one, however, suggests having Randy Orton return and potentially feud with a long ago former stablemate-Cody Rhodes.

This could be a possibility, especially if Rhodes defeats Reigns. It is believed that when Reigns drops the belts, he will be taking time off.

Bringing in Orton as a feud would be one way to go.

WWE Smart About Events

It’s been hard to not notice it, but WWE has gotten quite smart about picking locations for premium live events.

Some of the bigger events-specifically, WrestleMania-have sites chosen years in advance.

But, as we also know, other events are selected with much less lead times.

For example, WWE only recently announced that Backlash would be heading to Puerto Rico, hosted by Bad Bunny.

In the recent past, Elimination Chamber in Montreal, headlined by Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns.

Looking back further, Clash at the Castle is another great example.

Per Fightful, WWE is being smart about what cities and buildings host future premium live events.

Specifically, WWE is choosing locations based on several key criteria.

randy orton big return

source: @wrestlelamia, twitter, screenshot

The team identifying and selecting host cities are eying locations based on thematic, financial or strategic fits.

Zayn in Montreal worked out as a thematic fit. Having big premium live events in areas like Puerto Rico or the United Kingdom is both financial and strategic.

International fans don’t often get bigger events or even a RAW or SmackDown, and when they do, they turn out.

That is good business for WWE, as it helps keep markets engaged and obviously they like the potentially big gates.

This is exciting for many, as plenty of fans have been clamoring for some awesome new locales for future big events.

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