LA Knight Big Push Coming, John Cena At SummerSlam

la knight big push
source: @reigns_era, twitter, screenshot

Now that he’s back as himself, it seems like LA Knight could have a big push coming. Plus, will we see John Cena at SummerSlam?

LA Knight Big Push Coming

If you have not noticed, things do seem to be trending up for this Superstar. Does LA Knight have a big push coming?

Without any insight, you surely have noticed that, especially in recent weeks, LA Knight has been getting strong reactions from the crowds.

This was surely helped a little by a potential home crowd bias while in Washington, DC…but even this week on RAW, the response was impossible to miss.

It’s been said that WWE officials have noticed this too.

This kind of reaction is ideal-we aren’t seeing LA Knight force-fed to us, but rather he is getting over organically.

As such, things are pointing to the former head of Maximum Male Models being set for a big push in the coming months.

One site is even suggesting that Knight, currently without a match at WrestleMania, take on a WWE Hall of Famer.

For me, I think that while Knight-Austin would be intriguing, it’s pointless.

Austin doesn’t owe anyone a thing, and he’s past the point of putting someone over. Knight, given his rising popularity, should not be doing a job for anyone at WrestleMania.

As such, while Knight surely needs a match on the Grandest Stage of them All, working with and losing to Austin isn’t it.

la knight big push

source: @reigns_era, twitter, screenshot

Still, we only have a couple weeks left, so if WWE is going to book Knight for something, it needs to happen sooner than later.

John Cena At SummerSlam

We will see this man at WrestleMania, but could we also see John Cena at this year’s SummerSlam?

Per a report, we could indeed.

And, it might just be that other rumored WrestleMania bout that has clearly been scrapped.

We know Cena is taking on Austin Theory in Hollywood in a couple weeks.

However, at one point it was suspected that we’d be getting John Cena and Logan Paul.

Paul had said as much via social media, hinting that he wanted Cena next.

For whatever reason, plans have changed. 

la knight big push

source: @rap, twitter, screenshot

Instead, we are getting Logan Paul and Seth Rollins in one match, with Cena and Theory battling for the United States Championship in another.

Putting a massive WWE Superstar like John Cena in the same ring as media mega-star Logan Paul would be a big match…and it could still happen.

According to Give Me Sport, while it is not locked in yet, a match between Cena and Paul at SummerSlam is very much in consideration.

Lots of things have to line up for it to happen, of course.

For starters, both men need to remain healthy. Considering how Logan Paul almost couldn’t make WrestleMania, this is just worth putting out there.

Then, and perhaps most challenging, will be whether or not John Cena’s schedule of filming allows for it.

Given we are months away from SummerSlam, it is entirely possible things can be worked around.

So, if you were hoping for Paul versus Cena, you may still get your wish.

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