Does AEW Want Goldberg, WWE Autograph Issues

does aew want goldberg
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It came to light that he is currently a free agent…so does AEW want Goldberg? Plus, the latest on WWE Superstars having autograph issues.

Does AEW Want Goldberg

I don’t think I ever thought I would ask this…but does AEW want Goldberg?

The former WCW and WWE champion, also a WWE Hall of Famer, is currently a free agent.

Fightful confirmed that Goldberg’s WWE contract expired at the end of 2022.

Interestingly, he fulfilled his match obligation earlier in 2022, but the terms of the contract kept him with WWE until the end.

Now, he is officially a free agent. Does AEW want Goldberg?

I cannot say that they definitely do, but per the report, Tony Khan is keeping an eye on things.

Even over his last few years in WWE, the legendary former Superstar was slowing down. However, he was also still popping crowds.

AEW has a few nostalgia acts already, but Tony Khan seems to be leaving the door open for Goldberg.

does aew want goldberg

source: @brwrestling, twitter, screenshot

Khan noted that Goldberg and his family have ties to Jacksonville-AEW’s “home turf”.

There isn’t any indication yet that Goldberg even wants to wrestle again.

It seems unlikely that WWE would offer him another chance, especially if Vince McMahon isn’t in charge.

But, if Goldberg does want to wrestle again, does AEW want Goldberg?

Could we see him join the likes of Sting, Paul Wight and Mark Henry as aging talent in AEW?

WWE Autograph Issues

In a bit of a news item that seems…unusual…let’s talk about WWE Superstars having autograph issues with fans.

Specifically, fans are getting more and more aggressive with Superstars spotted or even stalked in public spaces.

According to PWInsider, things really boiled over with an incident involving Rey Mysterio and fans while Rey was at an airport.

Fans are mobbing Superstars at normal public venues and doing so with an eye toward getting lots of things signed.

The problem is, more and more, this is not a case of someone getting a napkin from the airport bar signed, to say they met someone.

Perhaps due to social media and other “tools”, fans are more aware of where Superstars are going to be, and in some cases are showing up with many items to get signed.

does aew want goldberg

source: @AjBlueBayBelt, twitter, screenshot

At that point, it’s less a hobby and more a business…and it’s causing issues for Superstars.

Yes, on one hand you could argue that WWE and it’s talent likely want to restrict signings to those they get paid for, but based on some incidents, that isn’t it.

While Superstars are famous and all that, everyone deserves to move about life without being molested trying to do every day things-like fly commercial.

More recently, Rhea Ripley posted a similar issue on her own Twitter, declaring she was done signing in public.

One or two things, I get it and it seems most Superstars would too. Dozens of cards and figures screams of someone making a buck.

And, ruining it for plenty of others.

Personally, I encountered one notable wrestler twice in public.

Growing up in the Philly burbs, I lived not far from one ECW legend, The Sandman.

I saw him out with his wife and child at the Granite Run Mall one day, but said nothing-family time.

However, not long after, I was at a sports bar and was randomly asked by someone to be his second for a game of pool.

Against Sandman and his friend.

We talked, he was cool, totally normal, and appreciated that no one was hassling him. And I never got his autograph in either case.

On top of fans asking for too many things signed, there is a real safety concern when fans are effectively stalking talent.

After all, WWE did have two female Superstars at significant risk due to a mentally unwell fan breaking into their home.

And Sonya Deville just was in trouble for a firearm she carries with her as a direct result of that incident.

Autographs are cool, especially when you are younger and a fan…but we need to not ruin things, nor put anyone at risk.

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