Colby Covington Puts Champ Leon Edwards On Full Blast

Colby Covington

Colby Covington is never one to back down from a war of words.

After being declared the No. 1 contender to welterweight champion Leon Edwards, Covington did just that on Submission Radio.

“What I thought about the main event is, damn man, I thought Marty Fakenewsman was a cheater,” Covington said. “Man, Leon Scott’s the biggest cheater I’ve ever seen. The guy talks about ‘headshot, dead’. Dude should be talking about, cage grab, nut grab, nut kick, short grab, this grab. I mean, the guy did everything you could possibly do to cheat in the fight.

“I mean, he made Marty Fakenewsman look like a choirboy out there. The guy’s just a fucking cheater. He’s a piece of shit, and I didn’t make much of the fight. Honestly, Marty looked like a shell of his former self. I don’t know if it was the two fights that he had with me and the brutal beatings that he had to take at my hands or whatnot, but it just looks like he’s cashed out.

“He’s in movies, he’s trying to get to Hollywood, and he’s just not the same guy anymore. And that’s the truth. Everybody saw that. There wasn’t anything special from Leon Scott. And, you know, I’m excited to get my hands on him now. He’s got nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. And the best part is, you can already see how afraid he is.

“He’s afraid. You can see it in the way he’s going, ‘oh, Colby’s not…’. No, I’m next, bro. I’m number two in the world. I’m clearly the next contender. You’re talking about, oh, he hasn’t fought in this. Bro! You fought Nate Diaz, and before that you took off two years.

“You’re one of the most inactive fighters in the entire history of the company. So, the guy’s a fucking joke. He’s gonna get exposed, and he knows I’m coming to get that belt. He’s not the champion right now, he’s just a placeholder for me.”


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