Cat Zingano Opens Up About Removal Of Breast Implants

Cat Zingano

For Cat Zingano, making a change to her body has made a change to her fighting style.

Zingano returns to action Friday night at Bellator 293 when she faces Leah McCourt. The bout serves as the co-main event live on Showtime.

The former UFC title contender decided to make a major change to have her breast implants removed.

“One huge adjustment. I know I mentioned it on my social media before, but I had my breast implants removed,” Zingano said. “I was feeling sick with them. I saw someone who had a lot of the same complaints and symptoms, and she found that she was rejecting her implants. So, I researched it, and there’s an illness you can have to them. It was a shot in the dark, but if it works, I feel like I would be glad that I did that before my career was over. In October 2019, I committed to doing it.

“We did the procedure, and within hours I saw crazy results: my vision was better, I lost a ton of weight, I don’t have that inflammation anymore, I was able to get off anti-depressants. I keep seeing issues that I didn’t even realize were affecting me disappear.

“It was a life-changer for me. I feel like a better athlete and a healthier person. It was vulnerable and scary, but I wouldn’t take it back.”

A veteran of the sport, she is thrilled to see the growth of women’s MMA.

“I think it’s really cool to see women corners and coaches,” she said. “I really like seeing that. It’s a powerful dynamic. The women’s fights are so intense; they’re wild and crazy, and I lot of that does come from outside the box thinking.

“I even hear people say that they like watching the women’s fights more because they’re so intense.”

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