Bryan Danielson Randy Orton
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Bryan Danielson has wrestled so many talent individuals, but he calls Randy Orton ‘untouchable.’ Also, Kofi Kingston was injured on SmackDown.

Bryan Danielson: Randy Orton Is Untouchable

For a long time, Bryan Danielson has been considered the best pro wrestler around. That mindset lasted from the Indy circuit to WWE and now AEW.

Looking back, he has wrestled so many current and future Hall of Famers. Even though Danielson has competed against so many talented wrestlers, one name in particular stands-out.

While speaking with The Ringer, Danielson called WWE’s Randy Orton untouchable. He continued to praise the third generation superstar.

“I would get to wrestle Randy Orton [at house shows], who might be one of my favorite people to ever wrestle,” said Danielson. “In the sense of he and I just clicked, and Randy Orton is so good.”

“You’re wrestling all these non-televised matches right in front of live events. And, if you’re somebody who tries to continually get better, it’s a great place to hone the details.”

“Your explosiveness, of all the different things that you do. When I wrestle Randy, and when I watch Randy, and especially like, Randy at his best, I think, ‘Man, this guy is untouchable.” “Everything he does is perfect.’”

History Between Bryan Danielson And Randy Orton

The biggest angle between the two was the build towards WrestleMania XXX. WWE already booked Randy Orton against Dave Batista and the crowd hated the idea of the match.

This was in the middle of the Yes! Movement, which saw WWE finally see Danielson as a main event star. At WrestleMania XXX, Danielson first defeated Triple H to turn the main event into a triple threat.

Of course, Danielson would win the gold and close WrestleMania to a huge ovation from the crowd. He never got a great title run because of injuries.

Danielson retired for some time before WWE finally cleared him to return. He stuck around for bit, but decided to join AEW.

As for Orton, he has been off WWE TV for a lengthy period of time. There was doubt he would even return after undergoing back fusion surgery.

Orton’s accomplishments make him a sure-fire WWE Hall of Famer. He has 14 world title reigns, won Money in the Bank and is a two time Royal Rumble winner.

Plus, he has been in the main event of WrestleMania several times and won basically every title WWE offers.

Kofi Kingston Hurt

Bryan Danielson Randy Orton

Source: @LMDCatch, Twitter, Screenshot

The March 3rd episode of  SmackDown saw several potential challengers for GUNTER’s Intercontinental Championship. A massive brawl ensued with Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, LA Knight, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Karrion Kross.

McIntyre leaped to the outside and took out a bunch of wrestlers. During the spot, Kingston appeared to hurt his leg.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez went over the spot. He continued how there is no official word if Kingston will miss WrestleMania 39 in less than month.

Kingston did post the following to social media.

WWE has booked McIntyre, Sheamus, Knight, Kingston and Kross in a five-way match for this week’s SmackDown. The winner gets a title shot, but no word if Kingston will be pulled from the match.

Lately, all of the New Day have struggled on TV. Kingston is seemingly hurt, Big E is recovering from a broken neck and Woods is not featured enough.