Big CM Punk – AEW Update, Matt Cardona On WWE Return

CM Punk AEW Update
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The latest CM Punk – AEW update looked positive, but a social media post could have changed all that, Also, Matt Cardona sees a WWE return.

Big CM Punk – AEW Update

CM Punk joining AEW was seen as a huge move. Remember, Punk seemingly left the business after his fallout with WWE many years ago.

Then, at September’s All Out pay per view, Punk won the AEW World Championship. It was followed by Punk burying Kenny Omega, Adam Page and The Young Bucks during the post-show press conference.

As a result, a major brawl took place backstage. Several top wrestlers were suspended with Punk still being off TV.

Fightful Select has a major update on the situation following Punk posting and then deleting an Instagram post. Seemingly, Punk should be healed to return or very close.

Before the social media post by Punk, it seemed like both sides were headed in a good direction.

The post saw Punk noting how he was not fully cleared to wrestle Jon Moxley the first time. That outing saw Moxley basically squash Punk to hold the gold.

Punk took shots at Moxley and Tony Khan over how the match was handled. Seemingly, there was legit heat between Punk and Moxley before they even met.

Also, after the brawl, Punk and Omega seemed to bury the hatchet. Although, Punk was still angry at Adam Page as he felt “Hangman” buried him weeks earlier during a promo.

As for Page, he wanted to remove himself from the situation and quickly move past it. No word on how Punk and The Young Bucks felt after the melee.

It remains to be seen how AEW will handle Punk going forward. They could buyout his contract, leave him the sidelines and simply pay him or take legal action.

Matt Cardona On WWE Return

CM Punk AEW Update

Source: @TheMattCardona, Twitter, Screenshot

During the hight of the pandemic, WWE released a bunch of names. They included wrestles, performance center talent and office workers.

Two of those let go were Matt Cardona (known to WWE fans as Zack Ryder) and his wife, Chelsea Green. At the Royal Rumble, both hinted at returns to WWE, with Green being the only one back.

Since departing from WWE, Cardona has become an even bigger star. He took the Indy scene by storm and also worked for AEW and Impact Wrestling.

While speaking with WrestlingInc, Cardona believes a return to WWE is likely. Although, he noted the Zack Ryder gimmick is dead.

“So when I got released from WWE, ever since that day, my goal has not been, oh, what can I do to go back,” said Cardona. “What do I need to do to impress people to get back there?” 

“No, that’s not my goal. But, I’d be lying if I said I never wanted to wrestle at Madison Square Garden again. Or, I never wanted to have a WrestleMania moment again. Of course I do.” 

“So, will Matt Cardona ever go home? I think eventually, but not as Zack Ryder, because Zack Ryder is dead.”

Cardona spent around thirteen years with WWE. Even when WWE would not promote him, he used social media to elevate his status.

His biggest moment was probably winning the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 32. He won the title in a ladder match, where he was no where near a betting favorite.

WWE is know to bring back wrestlers right after WrestleMania to a huge reaction. We will have to see if Cardona is on WWE’s radar as WrestleMania 39 is only a week away.

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