Bianca Belair Hits WWE Milestone, Stacy Keibler – Hall of Fame

Bianca Belair WWE Milestone

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair hit Twitter recently to reveal an incredible milestone she’s hit during her title reign. Plus, WNZ has some Hall of Fame news about Stacy Keibler.

Bianca Belair Hits WWE Milestone

The EST of WWE has held her RAW title for 346 days. This makes her the longest-reigning Black champion in the company’s history.

She recently edged out another RAW superstar from this title. MVP held the record prior to her,  during the years of 2007 to 2008 as U.S. Champion for 343 days.

Bianca hit Twitter to announce her major milestone. She also took the time to acknowledge the legacy MVP has created.

Bianca Belair & Her WWE Milestone – The History Of It All

Bianca’s RAW Women’s title reign started last year at WrestleMania 38 on April 2nd. She successfully defeated then-champ, “The Man” Becky Lynch.

Since, Belair has retained her title during programs against the likes of Alexa Bliss, Bayley, Sonya Deville, and Carmella. She also successfully held on to her championship in June during Hell in a Cell (HIAC), beating both Lynch and current WM 39 challenger, Asuka.

Will she be able to keep that title after her ‘Mania match against Asuka? Only time will tell.

Speaking of incredible women’s wrestling talent, WNZ has an update on the female superstar that will get inducted into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame (HOF). More on this, below.

Stacy Keibler – Hall of Fame

According to PWI Elite, Stacy Kiebler is one hundred percent confirmed for WWE’s 2023 Hall of Fame Class. From the sounds of it, everything has been finalized between Kiebler and the company.

Bianca Belair WWE Milestone

Sources: @coolcrushes, Twitter, Screenshot

With that said, the WWE has not officially announced Stacy for the Hall of Fame, as of this writing. Still “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is set to visit The Bump in the days ahead to reveal the next HOF inductee for this year.

2023 WWE HOF Class Is Shaping Up

Rey Mysterio was the first star that was announced for the 2023 HOF. Since this was revealed, no further talents have been confirmed.

With that said, rumors were buzzing about Stacy Kiebler recently, as well as Japanese wrestling icon, The Great Muta. Only time will tell when the WWE makes it official.

Stacy entered World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1999. She was initially a Nitro Girl (dancer), appearing during WCW Monday Nitro, weekly.

She then became Lenny Lane and Lodi’s valet, working under the name “Miss Hancock”. It wasn’t long before she and David Flair would work together, under a romantic storyline.

When Vince McMahon bought WCW in 2001, Stacy joined the WWE roster. She stayed with the company until 2006.

While she didn’t hold any gold in either WCW or WWE, she did have quite an impact on fans. The last time the WWE Universe saw Kiebler was in 2019 when she inducted her friend Tori Wilson into the Hall of Fame.

On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we would like to congratulate both Bianca Belair and Stacy Kiebler for their incredible achievements. Two strong women who continue to break barriers in this industry.

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