What Vince McMahon Wants, WWE Signs Hot Indie Star

what vince mcmahon wants
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 oReports have come out explaining what Vince McMahon wants for a possible sales price, and some suitors aren’t put off by it. Plus, WWE signs a hot indie star.

What Vince McMahon Wants

One of the hotter topics of 2023 has been a possible sale of WWE, and reports are emerging about what Vince McMahon wants as a price.

And, while that number seems huge…there are believed to be interested parties that are not balking at the number.

There have been plenty of names thrown around.

what vince mcmahon wants

source: @nypost, twitter, screenshot

Fans expect names like Comcast (parent company of NBCUniversal, owners of the USA Network).

Plus, there was a hot rumor that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had a deal in place, but many were thrilled that that didn’t happen…at least not yet.

There have been conflicting reports as to whether or not Comcast actually is interested, but a deal there would make sense given the lengthy relationship between the companies.

One other option floated out? Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC.

Such a deal would make quite a bit of sense, allowing the company to expand their fighting sports portfolio.

However, per Bloomberg, the possible price of a WWE deal might be too rich for Endeavor to take on by itself.

With offers coming in, things are progressing.

Nick Khan indicated that things could come together in just a few months.

Nothing sounds imminent. This could change following April’s WrestleMania.

WrestleMania is just about 6 weeks out, so it will be worth watching to see if things heat up in April.

WWE Signs Hot Indie Star

With creative leadership open to bringing in known talents again, WWE signs one hot indie star with a notable parent.

According to Bodyslam.net, WWE have signed former indie star Colby Corino.

Fans of old school ECW might even know Colby’s father.

Steve Corino’s son seems to be on track to have an even bigger and brighter career than his father. The elder Corino is currently a part of the NXT training team.

what vince mcmahon wants

source:@mai_dror, twitter, screenshot

Per the report, Colby Corino wrapped up his NWA obligations around the beginning of 2023. He had a WWE tryout in January, and the company signed him recently.

His signing might just be a bit of a big deal, and here’s why.

In recent times, WWE has announced groups of signings (Performance Center classes, if you will).

Corino was a singular signing, not part of any class or other group of recruits.

Given his pedigree and talent, he should probably be able to acclimate quickly to the NXT environment.

Timing could be impeccable. We should see some call-ups after WrestleMania, which means Colby could have an instant opportunity. 

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