Samoa Joe Nearly Retired
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Samoa Joe had two runs in WWE, but he nearly retired following the second one. Also, one superstar seems upset with not being featured.

Samoa Joe Nearly Retired

Samoa Joe’s pro wrestling career is rather impressive. Yet, his WWE run was really nothing special.

In fact, he had two runs with WWE. Both times, he dealt with several injuries and was ultimately released. 

Then, he ended up signing with AEW. While speaking to Renee Paquette on The Sessions, Joe revealed he contemplated retirement. 

“I was legitimately thinking about hanging it up for health reasons,” said Joe. “Still coming off the concussion and still dealing with the very end effects of that and getting back in the ring healthy and transitioning back to a physical state where it’s like I can do something for a good period of time and not want to pass out.”

“I basically caught two concussions very close together, which is terrible. To that point, I did take a year off to do commentary, which helped me tremendously.” 

“And, I do not regret taking that time. I wouldn’t change it for anything.” 

“That allowed me to get healthy and get my mind back together and get back into a place where I felt confident, even doing anything physical. I realize that if I were to rush that and done that, I probably, inevitably, would not have returned to the ring at all.”

Since signing with AEW, Joe’s run is very different from that in WWE. Besides working AEW, he is also part of the Ring Of Honor (ROH) roster.

Now, he is the ROH TV Champion and just became a two time AEW TNT Champion. He regained the TNT Championship this week by defeating Darby Allin.

In WWE, most of his success came in NXT. He won their World Championship, but the injury bug caused him to relinquish it.

Superstar Upset With WWE?

Samoa Joe Nearly Retired

Source: @WWE_Aliyah, Twitter, Screenshot

When Aliyah debuted on the main roster, it seemed like WWE had big plans. Remember, she defeated Natalya in 3.17 seconds and is the first female Arab-Canadian wrestler to win a championship for WWE.

Still, she has not competed for WWE in months. She was injured, but stated she was cleared to return during late October.

Then, she tweeted a bunch of comments before deleting them. They included: “if only I had stuff to talk about,” “ain’t my call” and “If only I was backstage.”  

We just had the Royal Rumble and she was not a participant. For a match that needed superstars from the past and NXT, it has people wondering about her future.

Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez were tag champs for about two weeks. Since dropping the gold, she has rarely been spotted. 

It could be a case of WWE wanting a better storyline for her, but that might be stretch. Perhaps, WWE is not the best fit.