Next Move For Jay White, Undertaker Works Super Bowl

next move jay white
Credit: @DakotaKaiEra, twitter, screenshot

One of the hottest talents has fans waiting and wondering-what’s the next move for Jay White? And, in a surprise, the Undertaker works this year’s Super Bowl.

Next Move For Jay White

It has been debated for months by fans, and now we can really start talking about what the next move is for Jay White.

Keep in mind that fans have been hoping for him to show up stateside for at least a few weeks now.

Many WWE dreamers were hoping that Jay White’s next move would have been a surprise Rumble appearance.

That event has come and gone, and no Jay White. And, per reports, he was never considered due to his contractual obligations with NJPW.

A lot of the buzz was driven by White being in a Loser Leaves Japan match on February 11, against Hikuleo.

White lost that match, so now the buzz will only grow.

According to Fightful, the next move for Jay White might indeed be him heading to the United States.

Now…will that mean AEW, WWE or neither?

Some things to consider…

next move jay white

source: @DakotaKaiEra, twitter, screenshot

For one, White still is under contract to NJPW. And, NJPW does have a US-based product (NJPW Strong).

In addition to that, AEW and NJPW do have a strong working relationship. White has appeared on AEW programming already.

So, if I am speculating, it would seem like AEW would be the betting favorite. If White jumps to AEW, such an agreement wouldn’t prevent him from working any future NJPW events, if he wanted.

WWE is undoubtedly interested, as they should be. What remains to be seen is whether or not those friends White has in WWE-and a rich contract-would be enough to lure him.

For now, White still has at least one announced date left (February 18).

And, to be pedantic, the match against Hikuleo was a Loser Leaves Japan match. Not a Loser Leaves NJPW match.

So, for now, so long as the match isn’t in Japan…White remains in New Japan.

Undertaker Works Super Bowl

The biggest football game of the year gives us a lot of crazy commercials…and this year even The Undertaker works the Super Bowl.

next move jay white

source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

To be fair, ‘Taker was not the only WWE Superstar, past or present, to appear in a commercial on Sunday.

But, of all the commercial appearances, the appearance of The Undertaker was perhaps the most random and unexpected.

In case you missed the others? Dave Bautista was of course featured in the teaser for Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.

John Cena popped up in the big game spot for the final entry in the Fast and Furious franchise (until they reboot that).

But, perhaps the best of all was The Undertaker, appearing in a Draft Kings ad featuring comedian Kevin Hart (and a lot of other celebrities).

Check out the actual spot here:

Pretty cool to see the WWE Hall of Famer get some love in a major commercial spot.

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