Major News On Mark Briscoe & AEW, Miro & Konnan Twitter Feud

Mark Briscoe AEW News
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For a long while, Mark Briscoe (along with his brother Jay) was kept from AEW television due to some homophobic tweets that were posted over a decade ago, despite their remorse. With that said, things have changed, and WNZ has major news on Mark and his AEW status.

Major News On Mark Briscoe & AEW Status

After Dynamite went off the air, AEW’s Tony Khan made a major announcement about Mark Briscoe. As you can see in the tweet below, the talent will continue to represent Ring of Honor (ROH) and work with AEW.

This past week, Briscoe won his second AEW match, facing off against Josh Woods. His first bout took place in January against real-life friend and ROH rival, Jay Lethal.

Mark won that match too. It was part of an emotional tribute to honor his late brother and long-time tag team partner, Jay Briscoe.

Mark Briscoe & AEW – Honoring His Brother Right

Mark’s brother Jay passed away in January due to a car collision. While AEW failed to do a proper tribute right after his death, they were able to make up for it with the January 25th edition of Dynamite.

Reports indicate that Khan wanted to do something special for Jay Briscoe right away. However, Warner Media executives nixed the idea as they wanted to continue to keep both Briscoes brothers off TV due to the tweets they made in 2013.

Mark honored his brother again this week when he pointed to the sky after pinning Woods. He turned to the camera saying” Jay, I love you, boy”.

On to other wrestling news, AAA booker Konnan and AEW talent Miro seem to be fighting on Twitter. In fact, their exchanges are getting downright heated!

Miro & Konnan Twitter Feud

The relationship with AEW and AAA is a tad rocky. Konnan came up with an idea to “mend fences” by going to an AEW Dark taping to not only criticize Konosuke Takeshita for his Eddie Guerrero tribute and speak to management, too.

Mark Briscoe AEW News

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However, it seems he rocked the boat with AEW talent, Miro, who hopped on Twitter to share his opinion on things. Konnan noticed and replied, and thus a Twitter feud has been born!

It Was JUST A Joke!

Miro’s initial tweet on Valentine’s Day implied that Konnan couldn’t last 10 seconds with Takeashit. Konnan would reply that he was only joking when he criticized Konosuke.

He also notes that he “couldn’t believe” Miro got so “worked” over it. Miro didn’t mince words when he replied to the lucha libre legend by simply stating that he “wasn’t joking”.

Konnan would respond to Miro, and his words weren’t that nice. As fans can see in the tweet below, he not only questions why Miro got involved but also throws a dig at the AEW talent’s wrestling career.

Miro would end up responding a little more dignified, considering what Konnan posted. As of this writing, no more tweets or responses have been thrown around.

That’s not to say that this is the end of this Twitter feud. However, it seems to be the end, for now.

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