Lance Archer Upset With AEW, Possible Face Turn In WWE

Lance Archer Upset AEW
Credit: @Sarray4Champ, Twitter, Screenshot

Based on some recent comments, Lance Archer is upset with AEW. Also, it seems like a possible face turn took place after SmackDown.

Lance Archer Upset With AEW

For a good chunk of time, Lance Archer was booked very well by AEW. The run saw him battle for the World Championship several times in some great matches.

Since then, Archer has not worked too many high-profile angles. In fact, he has been off AEW TV over 50 days with no explanation.

And, he is not afraid to speak-up about the situation. He took to Twitter to let everyone know about his frustration with not being booked.

“The Murderhawk Monster” has not appeared since November for AEW. Although, he is not injured.

He worked the December 12 NJPW Road To Tokyo Dome event. Unfortunately, he did not secure a victory that evening.

It is obvious AEW’s roster is too big. Many wrestlers do get the chance to appear on Dynamite or Rampage. 

Then, they might have to settle for a spot on one of their YouTube shows like Dark. Still, Archer has not been booked.

Possible Face Turn In WWE

Lance Archer Upset AEW

Source: @EscobarWWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Something interesting happened after last week’s SmackDown. First, the show closed with a fatal four-way match, where Madcap Moss earned an Intercontinental Championship match.

After the show, the excitement continued with two of the other participants. Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio had an awesome encounter. 

Escobar has always been a heel, but he showed huge signs of a possible face turn. He and Mysterio ended-up trading positive comments and masks.

It is the masks that have people talking, as in Lucha Libre they hold that item in high regard.

First, they traded positive comments. Then, they traded masks with Escobar going first.

It is no secret that Myserio’s career is winding down. Therefore, many are under the belief he will retire at WrestleMania 39 in a match against his son, Dominik Mysterio.

As of now, the father versus son match has not been confirmed by WWE. Although, all signs point to that being the direction in less than two months.

WWE is looking for someone to takeover Rey’s shoes, with Dominik being a frontrunner. Maybe, Escobar needs to be added into the mix.

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