Jerry Jarrett Passed Away, Legal Updates On Former Superstars

jerry jarrett passed away
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In some sad news, we’ve learned that legendary promoter Jerry Jarrett has passed away. And we’ve got some legal updates on a pair of former Superstars.

Jerry Jarrett Passed Away

In some sad news, it has been reported that Jerry Jarrett has passed away.

It’s the second time in about a week where we’ve had some upsetting news for a wrestling legend.

Last week, it was Jarrett’s long time associate, Jerry Lawler.

While Lawler remains with us, Dutch Mantell broke the news about Jarrett.

PWInsider also confirmed the news.

Jerry Jarrett will be forever linked to Memphis wrestling.

jerry jarrett passed away

source: @myworldpod, twitter, screenshot

However, younger fans might know more of his son-WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. 

The father and son team were behind TNA, now known as IMPACT. 

While their dream was to compete with WWE as WCW once had, that never quite happened.

The company did give fans-and other wrestlers-somewhere else to go, which was a plus.

Regardless, Jerry Jarrett had an incredible presence in wrestling and helped numerous legends.

Aside from working with Lawler and his own son, Jerry Jarrett also had a hand in the career of a young Hulk Hogan.

He leaves a tremendous legacy, and will be missed.

We send our condolences to the family and friends of Jerry Jarrett.

Legal Updates On Former Superstars

Wrestlers have been known to get into trouble with the law, and now we have legal updates on a couple of former WWE Superstars.

Specifically, Jeff Hardy and Tammy Sytch.

In case you forgot, both are in hot water. Hardy was charged with DUI just about a year ago.

The arrest happened shortly after he landed in AEW. He had been released from his WWE contract after he refused to enter a rehab program.

WWE felt Hardy was having substance issues once again, and it became a sticking point leading to his release.

However, after his latest run-in with the law, it seems WWE was justifiably concerned. 

Per PWInsider, Hardy’s representation has been working on a plea deal in the case, but thus far no traction.

If nothing changes, he is due in court February 23. 

jerry jarrett passed away

source: @thecovalenttv, twitter, screenshot

A conviction could be bad. It would be his 3rd in the last 10 years, and depending on sentencing could put him in jail for a not insignificant length of time.

For Tammy Sytch, her case is somewhat similar. She is also dealing with a DUI charge, but her case also includes vehicular manslaughter.

Sytch rear-ended a vehicle while drunk and the accident resulted in the death of a 75 year old man.

Her case has been delayed until March, in part due to witness availability.

Neither case currently looks like one that would, could or even should be worked out in favor of the former Superstars.

We have not seen Hardy in AEW since, and depending on his outcome, it’s possible that we don’t see him again anytime soon.

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