Good Brothers – Deal Stipulation, Alexa Bliss Clears Up Rumor

Good Brothers Deal Stipulation
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WNZ recently reported that the Good Brothers tag team signed a five-year deal with the WWE. The company has been giving three-year contracts to most returning talents. Still, a new report indicates the duo has negotiated an interesting stipulation in their contracts. Plus, Alexa Bliss clears up a rumor!

Good Brothers – Deal Stipulation

When Gallows and Anderson were absent from the 2023 Royal Rumble and the Monday Night RAW after the fact, many fans raised an eyebrow. According to Fightful’s Sean Sapp, the Good Brothers have a unique clause in their WWE deals.

Their new stipulation notes that they don’t need to be present at a WWE event or television show if they won’t be used. As per Sapp, the WWE was okay with this.

Good Brothers Return & WWE Deal Stipulation

Anderson and Gallows first joined the WWE in 2016. They were fired in 2020 due to company budget cuts related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This was despite renewing deals with the WWE and getting other offers from other wrestling companies. Still, that four-year run was a successful one, where the duo became WWE RAW Tag Team Champions, twice.

They returned to the WWE in October 2022, rejoining fellow OC member, AJ Styles. From the sounds of it, they secured a pretty solid contract with the promotion this time around.

On to other WWE news, there was a buzz that Alexa Bliss might be taking some time off from her WWE duties. It didn’t take long for Little Miss Bliss to clear this rumor up.

Alexa Bliss Clears Up Rumor

This past Tuesday, PW Insider’s Mike Johnson reported that Bliss was not backstage at any WWE show since the 2023 Royal Rumble. Johnson states in the report that Bliss was taking a company hiatus that was not linked to an injury.

Good Brothers Deal Stipulation

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The report further notes that the WWE knew Bliss was set to take time off going into the Rumble. Johnson’s report did not offer a return date or timeline for her absence.

Mike would further speculate in the report, noting that Bliss may have requested time off on her own and this wasn’t a hiatus dictated because of a storyline. Well, the report made its way to Alexa, and she’s set the record straight.

Good Brothers Deal Stipulation

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Bliss Is Refuting Reports

Alexa Bliss hopped on Twitter and refuted PW Insider’s hiatus report. Fans can view the post, above.

Good Brothers Deal Stipulation

Source: @AlexaBliss_WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

She also posted a reply to some of the comments being thrown around Twitter by WWE fans about her potential time off. Looks like Bliss isn’t cowering from this issue.

Bliss has been MIA from storylines since Uncle Howdy asked her “Do you feel in charge?”, at the 2023 Royal Rumble. This was after she lost her match to Bianca Belair for the WWE RAW Women’s Title.

Therefore, there’s a good chance she’s taking a small storyline break to repackage her persona before WrestleMania 39. Could she finally reunite with Bray Wyatt and join Uncle Howdy?

Only time will tell. However, this program continues to get more intriguing by the day.

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