chelsea green travel issues
source: @imchelseagreen, twitter, screenshot

While she managed to be on this week’s RAW, let’s talk about some Chelsea Green travel issues. Plus, Tony Khan issues a Kyle O’Reilly health update.

Chelsea Green Travel Issues

Monday’s RAW was in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but one Superstar was in a different Ottawa entirely. Now, we can discuss some Chelsea Green travel issues behind the “mix up”.

According to Fightful, we saw Chelsea Green in Ottawa, Illinois for a good reason.

Specifically, Green-like many other performers in recent years-finds herself with some paperwork issues.

Chelsea Green finds herself effectively land-locked and stuck in the United States, unable to travel to Canada.

In an effort to keep her “on TV” and to continue feeding into her “Karen” character, WWE opted to have her dial up Adam Pearce to break his stones.

This is why she indicated she was flown to Ottawa, Illinois, instead of the proper Ottawa.

While Chelsea Green’s travel issues are unfortunate and a pain in the butt, I have to give WWE credit for turning a negative into a positive.

Other talents have certainly had travel issues before, and will again.

chelsea green travel issues

source: @imchelseagreen, twitter, screenshot

In most cases, we just don’t see them on RAW or SmackDown. If they were previously advertised, things pivot.

After all, the card is subject to change, right?

As Pearce told us on Monday while conversing with Chelsea Green, next week’s RAW is stateside once again, so we should get to see her back on live television.
For now…she seems to be surviving…

Kyle O’Reilly Health Update

If you are wondering when we might see him again, we have a bit of a Kyle O’Reilly health update to get into.

Maybe not the most detail, but it is an update, and it comes from Tony Khan himself.

Khan spoke on the In The Kliq podcast and noted that the AEW star is working hard to get back in the ring.

O’Reilly has been out since June of last year, due to a combination of health issues.

Most notably was his neck injury, which ultimately required neck fusion surgery.

chelsea green travel issues

source: @comicbook, twitter, screenshot

Kyle O’Reilly himself has noted that he’s had some setbacks and challenges linked to his Type 1 Diabetes, but he’s working hard to return.

In a bit of a sad twist, each member of what we knew as NXT’s Undisputed Era has been a bit jinxed since leaving WWE.

Adam Cole only recently returned to AEW, following his own injury issues.

Bobby Fish had his own issues, and is also no longer a part of AEW.

Kyle O’Reilly is working his way back, and certainly hopes to work alongside Cole and other AEW talent soon.