Beneil Dariush Talks Alex Volkanovski, Fight With Charles Oliveira

Beneil Dariush was a guest on Submission Radio recently to discuss a number of subjects.

Among them was Dariush’s future, as a possible bout with Charles Oliveira has been discussed. Also, he talked about the performance of Alex Volkanovski, who pushed Islam Makhachev the distance at UFC 284.

“I had it originally 49-46 for Makhachev. Either that or 47-48. So, I thought Makhachev won,” he said. “But, if you go back and look at it again, you could make a case. Because our judging is, I don’t want to say arbitrary, but our judging, you don’t know what a judge is looking for. There’s so many options.

“For eample, even the fourth round you could give to Volk because he did more damage. Makhachev was just holding on. But, I really would have to watch it again. I haven’t really sat down to watch it again. I’ve been watching more Charles’ fights, focusing on that. But 48-47, could have gone either way.

“Or you could have a draw, cause the last round you could give it 10-8 round to Volk, because he dropped him. I always think if you drop somebody in a round that should be 10-8. Unless that person comes back and rallies, then you can, depending on how it goes, you can judge it that way.

“But yeah, if you get dropped and then controlled the rest of the whole round, I think you lose a 10-8.”

As for his future, Dariush believes he could be paired up with Oliveira next.

“They already set me up with Charles. They’re talking about contracts,” he said. “We’re just trying to work out the contract right now, and then go forward from there.

“To be able to get Charles, man, I’m pretty stoked. Obviously, there’s also the other side of me where it’s like in my mind, why am I just not getting this stupid title shot, right? I worked hard enough. I think I’ve deserved it. But you put a tough guy like Charles Oliveira in front of me, I’m stoked.

“I’m not complaining too much. I look forward to fighting him. I look forward to beating him up, and then I look forward to what’s next after.”

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