Bayley Issues WrestleMania Challenge, Brother Of Destruction #3

Bayley Issues WrestleMania Challenge
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It’s officially the Road To WrestleMania, and it sounds like Bayley is more than ready to dive right in! The Role Model recently issued a WM challenge, but will her competitor accept?

Bayley Issues WrestleMania Challenge

The program between Bayley and “The Man” Becky Lynch is currently heating up. However, the ongoing rivalry between The Role Model and RAW announcer Michael Cole has continued for years.

Bayley was recently on The Bump answering some fan questions. One was about a possible match with Cole.

Bayley reveals during her interview that Michael comes up to her all the time backstage and asks when they are having their match. He reminds her that he’s “undefeated”.

Bayley notes that she tells him that a day will come when she’ll “whoop” him in a match and take his job, too. She jokingly states that she’d love a shot at Cole in Philadelphia for WrestleMania 40.

Bayley Issues WrestleMania 40 Challenge

The feud between Cole and Bayley started around the COVID-19 pandemic. She took some shots at him here and there during live RAW shows.

At one point, she even shaved his name on the back of her head. Not to mention the time she asked Santat to give Michael a “terrible” Christmas.

The shots have always been nothing more than good fun. Even the fans recognize that their feud is entertaining banter.

With that said, could these two step into the ring together? Only time will tell.

In even more odd WWE news, a recent interview with a former superstar reveals there was supposed to be a third Brother of Destruction. How would that have worked between the Undertaker and Kane?

Brother Of Destruction #3

Kane emerged as The Phenom’s younger brother during the late ‘90s. The two have been rivals and tag partners over the years.

Bayley Issues WrestleMania Challenge

Source: @ewrestlingnews, Twitter, Screenshot

With that said, former WWE superstar Matt Morgan was recently on Chris Van Vliet’s podcast and notes that plans were in the works for him to wear a mask during his developmental time in OVW and eventually transition into the third Brother of Destruction, Abel.

At that point, he was managed by Jim Cornette. As Cornette was not pulled into the loop about the main roster plans the WWE had for Morgan, he was “shocked” at the idea that Matt would have to hide his face.

Matt goes on to say Stephanie McMahon and Johnny Ace wanted him to wear a mask and work on his body language. Meanwhile, Cornette did go to batt for Morgan, against the mask.

In the end, he did put a mask on in OVW and went under the character name Abel. Morgan notes that Cornette found a way to make it work because he’s so “brilliant”.

Abel Never Came To Be

Abel never hit the main roster, but Matt did in 2003. He’d stay on SmackDown until 2005.

Morgan left the WWE after that and spent most of his wrestling career at Impact. Over the years, he became TNA Tag Team Champion, twice.

It’s interesting to note that Morgan was two-time OVW Champion. In 2011, he also ranked #32 in PWI’s 500 list.

Matt is currently the mayor of Longwood, Florida. Wonder if he uses any of his old wrestling moves during city meetings?

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