Will Nia Jax Stick Around, New Jey Uso Drama

nia jax stick around
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FFollowing a surprise return in the 2023 Royal Rumble, will Nia Jax stick around? Plus, after the shocking main event happenings, there’s some new Jey Uso drama.

Will Nia Jax Stick Around

Following Saturday’s big Royal Rumble, fans might be wondering: will Nia Jax stick around this time?

Asking if she will stick around is a fair question.

To recap a bit…

Nia Jax returned-complete with a botched entrance-during the 2023 Royal Rumble.

Her return was a bit of a stunner, so it is fair to ask if Nia Jax will stick around for more action.

To go back to her last tour with WWE, Jax had earned a reputation for botches, but her general physical talent could not be denied.

However, she was released, as were many other talents during a rough stretch for WWE.

What was most surprising about her return?

nia jax stick around

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Well, once she was out of WWE, she was pretty vocal about never wrestling again.

There were plenty of reports about how she was done with wrestling. She had modeling to fall back to, and wanted to get her own business off the ground.

Perhaps her mind was changed with her old NXT boss running the whole show now?

Whatever her motivation, WWE has released new merchandise for her, declaring “Nia Jax is back”.

With fresh merchandise, plus some interesting confrontations in her brief time in the Rumble, it seems like she is going to stick around for a bit.

New Jey Uso Drama

The conclusion of the 2023 Royal Rumble generated a ton of buzz, and so will this new Jey Uso drama.

As you likely saw live (I would hope), WWE fans finally got the Sami Zayn turn.

But that was not all we got.

Zayn was being urged to blast former friend Kevin Owens with a steel chair.

Instead of using the chair on Owens, Zayn turned the chair onto his former Tribal Chief.

Zayn had done what he could to tell Reigns that Owens had had enough, but Reigns didn’t like the show of mercy.

Once he used the chair on Reigns, it was open season on Zayn for the Bloodline.

Except, as things carried on, one of the Bloodline had seen enough.

nia jax stick around

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Jey Uso-who himself was bullied by Roman Reigns way back at the start of the Bloodline run-was disgusted by the display and bailed.

He walked to the back alone. Now, he could have completely turned and tried to save Sami…but he opted for distancing himself from things.

ollowing the events of Saturday night, Jey took to social media to share his thoughts.


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Now, does that mean he’s taken himself out of the Bloodline? Or is he taking time off to reflect?

Perhaps none of the above, but it leaves us wondering.

More importantly, as we are actively on the Road to WrestleMania, it means things could be very interesting beginning with tonight’s RAW.

Considering there were rumors of a KO/Sami versus Usos title match at WrestleMania, this makes that interesting.

Could Jey’s feelings put the tag title reign of the Usos at risk?

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