What’s Next For John Cena, Rumble Return For Rick Boogs?

whats next john cena
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He barely kept his streak alive, but as we are now in a new year, what’s next for John Cena? And could we see a Rumble return for Rick Boogs?

What’s Next For John Cena

There was a chance his streak of years with a WWE match would end, but he kept it alive at the last possible show. Now, we ask…what’s next for John Cena?

Much was said about how many years in a row Cena had at least one WWE match…and how it was at risk.

That led to John Cena working as Kevin Owens’ tag partner at the final SmackDown of 2022.

With his streak alive, will he extend it sooner in 2023?

Seriously…what’s next for John Cena?

Well, it turns out that the match in Tampa wasn’t all Cena did at the end of the year.

According to Fightful, Cena recorded something in Tampa with another Superstar.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

what's next john cena

source: @luigiwrestling, twitter, screenshot

Austin Theory was working shows against Seth Rollins, but he unexpectedly missed on in Toronto in December.

Turns out that Theory was called back to Tampa, where it is understood that he and Cena recorded something.

Now, no one has revealed what was recorded. It could be something for the upcoming WWE 2K video game, to be honest.

My two cents? A video game segment may be important, but is it so important you pull a Superstar off the road from a scheduled match?

I wouldn’t think so.

It’s been suggested that we could see Cena against Theory at WrestleMania. Could whatever they filmed, be leading up to that?

Rumble Return For Rick Boogs?

He was one of the more unexpectedly over Superstars in early 2022, until he was injured. Could we see a Rumble return for Rick Boogs?

The timing certainly lines up, if nothing else.

To recap things, Boogs worked as Shinsuke Nakamura’s personal guitarist and tag partner.

Working in a match with Nakamura at WrestleMania, Boogs suffered a major quad injury, and has been out of action since.

The Royal Rumble is just a couple weeks away, and has long been the place for surprise returns.

And, in some cases, some that were, but not really.

After all, when someone goes down with an injury that has a lengthy recovery, many pundits and fans immediately expect a Rumble return.

It’s no different for Rick Boogs.

what's next john cena

source: @SICscore, twitter, screenshot

And, Boogs is not laying low, so there’s not much doubt about what kind of shape he might be in.

Cageside did a feature about his training videos, which are truly nearly as entertaining as he was on WWE television.

What’s even crazier is Boogs looks even more jacked now. That begs the question…whenever he does return to WWE programming…what will he get into next?

Would WWE pair him back up with Nakamura and perhaps push them as a tag team?

While that would certainly be fun, does such a team seem like a top threat?

Maybe…maybe not. I mean, at one point, RKBro was not expected to last too long…and we know how that worked out.


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