Tony Khan Buy WWE

Tony Khan is busy with AEW, but his family might be able to buy WWE. Also, The Judgement Day are getting props for their performances.

Tony Khan In Play To Buy WWE

Vince McMahon was basically forced into retirement after the world learned of his hush money payments. Overall, the WWE product improved without Vince in the picture.

Then, Vince changed his mind and started angling for a return. In quick fashion, the billionaire made a return as he looks to sell the company.

There are several potential buyers, with the country of Saudi Arabia being at the front. There are other options as nothing has been finalized.

As for AEW, there has been talk of the number two pro wrestling company in North America making the purchase. The Khan family already owns the Jacksonville Jaguars and English soccer club Fulham Football Club.

Therefore, Tony Khan and his father, Shahid Khan, could make the big investment. According to Barrons, the Khan family is in the running, but they would likely need a financial partner.

Tony Kahn has his hands full a the moment when it pertains to just wrestling. AEW has three shows across two channels and YouTube.

Plus, Khan already purchased Ring Of Honor (ROH) at the start of the year. As a result, AEW and ROH have a bloated roster.

If they were able to make the deal, Khan would need more than financial help. The size of rosters between WWE, AEW and ROH would be too munch for anyone to manage alone.

Props To The Judgement Day

Tony Khan Buy WWE

Source: @IAmJamesStewart, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE is full of stables, with most not amounting to much. Sometimes, talent are put together because creative has no other plans.

Earlier in the year, Edge created a new stable where he brought in Damien Priest and Rhea Ripley. Later, Edge would be removed with Finn Balor taking control and Dominik Mysterio being added.

So far, WWE is very pleased with the stable. Fightful continued how Dominik has received huge praise.

Dominik turned heel and joined The Judgement Day. A few weeks back, he spent a few hours in jail courtesy of an angle with his family.

Since then, Dominik has been pushing how he has changed. Those few hours in jail have created a new person.

Based off appearances, it seems Dominik is paying homage to Konnan. Whatever Dominik is doing, it is going over very well.

As for the rest of the stable, they are getting nice pushes. They beat all the others teams on RAW and now get a tag team title shot.

Rhea has became a bigger star since being the storyline girlfriend of Dominik. And, she has good odds of winning the Women’s Royal Rumble later in the month.

Overall, The Judgement Day has been a major success. They still have to deal Edge and Beth Phoenix, so they are not going anywhere at the moment.