Tony Khan And Eric Bischoff Spat, WWE’s Tyson Fury Problem

Tony Khan Eric Bischoff
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Eric Bischoff has appeared for AEW, but his latest comments angered Tony Khan as they trade verbal remarks. Also, WWE has a Tyson Fury problem.

Tony Khan And Eric Bischoff Spat

In the handful of years AEW has been present, they have featured a ton of talent. Some names are new to fans and others have been around for decades.

As of August 2020, Eric Bischoff has made a few appearances. Mostly, he was featured in the back of segments or had a speaking role.

It has been well over a year since Bischoff was seen on AEW TV. Since then, he has been critical of their booking.

While on an episode of Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Bischoff believes the relationship with AEW went sour. 

“The AEW relationship is not as good anymore, but that was my choice,” said Bischoff. “I knew when I said what I was going to say that it would be the last time I get invited there.” 

“I was fine with that and din’t worry about it. It is what it is.” 

“But, when I was bouncing back between WWE and AEW, the first time I got a call from AEW, I called Bruce Prichard. I said that I just want to let you know out of courtesy and respect for our friendship, I am still tight with Bruce, please let Vince know if he has got a question about this or an issue, please give me a shout.” 

“If not, I am going to go ahead. I got the word back to go and have a ball. It’s just communication and common courtesy.” 

Tony Khan Responds

As for Tony Khan, he does seem impressed by Bischoff. On the Battlegrounds podcast, Khan criticized the former WCW president.

“When I was a young wrestling fan, that was one of the things I really liked about WCW Nitro,” said Khan. 

“[There were] all kinds of new faces I’d read in the magazines, all kinds of people I’ve never seen before, and they would just walk out and wrestle on Nitro like it was perfectly natural. And I thought it was the coolest thing.”

“But I guess that’s not acceptable anymore. Even though, it’s much, much, much easier to access information on the Internet than it was in 1996.” 

“I think it would be very ironic that the same promoter now would tell you, you don’t want to see these faces or introduce new people that we’ve never seen before on TV, because they’re actually the ones that did that.”

For now, it does not look like either side are willing to work together. Although, Bischoff returning to WWE would not be the most shocking moment.

WWE’s Tyson Fury Problem

Tony Khan Eric Bischoff

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Tyson Fury is one of the biggest stars currently in combat sports. The heavyweight boxing champion is a fan of WWE and has made appearances.

He wanted to work the Royal Rumble, but Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicated it will not happen. Basically, visa issues and putting others over is the problem.

”It was noted that Fury was not willing to put people over or even look vulnerable,” said Meltzer. “And if he were to be in the Rumble as a surprise, what would he do and how does it even make sense for him to do a quick Rumble cameo given the amount of money it would cost to use him.”

Fury has competed for WWE and is yet to lose. His last appearance was Clash at the Castle, where he knocked out Austin Theory while still in the crowd.