Star’s Contract Expiring Soon, RAW Segment Passing The Torch

star's contract expiring soon
source: @seanrosssapp, twitter, screenshot

These things happen often enough, but one AEW star’s contract is expiring very soon. Plus, it is believed that one RAW XXX segment represented a passing of the torch.

Star’s Contract Expiring Soon

As has happened a few times in recent memory, one star’s contract is expiring soon.

Very soon, according to Fightful.

Per the report, Brian Cage has a contract that is expiring in weeks.

So, with the star’s contract expiring soon…could he be a hot free agent?

Given his look and his size, he certainly represents a certain someone’s prototypical pro wrestler body, doesn’t he?

Cage’s situation is a bit of an oddball within AEW.

According to the report, Cage originally signed with AEW in 2020. The deal was apparently a two year deal with an option for a third, at AEW’s discretion.

aew star's contract expiring

source: @seanrosssapp, twitter, screenshot

As far as that goes, Cage was used quite a bit at one point, alongside Taz with the FTW title belt…and then he wasn’t.

And, in spite of being off TV for quite a stretch, AEW picked up the option year on the deal, even though Cage didn’t expect it to happen.

Now, however, that option year is nearly completed. Barring an extension, he will be a free agent here soon.

Cage did pop up on TV, factoring into the MJF-Bryan Danielson storyline.

On one hand, Tony Khan has shown a desire to keep talents away from WWE, especially with the company under new creative leadership.

However, no company can afford to keep everyone. Plus, at this point, it takes two to tango.

Brian Cage would have to want to stay, and AEW would need to also want him to stick around-at a price point both agree on.

Will it happen, or will Cage become a potentially intriguing free agent?

RAW Segment Passing The Torch

Anyone watching the RAW XXX show saw it, and it is believed one specific RAW segment gave us a passing of the torch.

Specifically, the segment in question featured two current, and one former Superstar.

LA Knight, Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker, in case it was not blatantly obvious yet.

During the segment, we saw Knight run his mouth, calling out any of the legends.

After a delay, his words were answered by The Phenom, who actually dusted off his old biker gimmick.

That confrontation lead to Knight heading to the back, only to be met by Bray Wyatt.

This gave us a moment with all three men in the ring at once.

Undertaker, with Knight primed for a choke slam, passed the Superstar off to Wyatt for Sister Abigail.

star's contract expiring soon

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

After taking care of LA Knight, the two men had a bit of a stare down, leading to a memorable exchange.

Clearly it meant a lot to both men.

Perhaps the only knock on the moment, or knocks?

It came a bit late, and it wasn’t after Wyatt broke Undertaker’s streak.

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