r-truth comeback hits snag
source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

Injured late last year, the R-Truth comeback hits a snag. Plus, one NXT Superstar is opening up about her very recent mental health crisis.

R-Truth Comeback Hits Snag

If you were hoping to seem him soon, you might be bummed. The R-Truth comeback hits a bit of a snag.

To catch you up, R-Truth paid NXT a visit late in 2022. He was the latest in a steady stream of cameos and, in other cases, temporary relocations.

Some of those relocations were more permanent than others…but I digress.

R-Truth worked a match with one of NXT’s top talents, Grayson Waller.

During the match, Truth suffered an injury that required surgery.

Unfortunately, his comeback hits a bit of a snag, as some comebacks do.

Specifically, Truth required a second surgery due to an infection from the original procedure.

This is not an uncommon risk or event, as it has happened to other professional athletes as they recover from surgery.

However, hitting a snag is not anyone’s idea of a good and uneventful rehab.

r-truth comeback hits snag

source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

Truth updated fans to his progress during a recent live stream, as covered elsewhere.

On the stream, he noted that he had a second surgery due to the snag.

Still, he remains optimistic and on the road back.

While he may have hit a bit of a bump in the road, he confirmed on the stream that he would be back in WWE.

He went so far as to say he could be back “sooner than you think”.

That being said, when he had surgery in November, the report was a six month recovery.

Of course, that timeline was prior to needing a cleanup for the infection.

Either way, it seems unlikely that R-Truth will be one of the 30 entrants in the Royal Rumble.

NXT Superstar-Mental Health Crisis

More and more, we are hearing of people struggling. Now, one NXT Superstar opens up about a very recent, and very real, mental health crisis.

Specifically, the NXT Superstar is Amari Miller.

And, she took to social media to reveal that she attempted to take her own life just last week.

For some context, especially if you don’t watch NXT regularly, Miller has been considered one of the rising young talents in the NXT Women’s Division.

Still, check her post out here:

A few thoughts here, in no particular order.

First, mental health is a serious topic, and if you or someone you know has issues, please seek help.

There is absolutely no shame in that. Mental health professionals are becoming more and more important, in my opinion.

Second, I hope Amari is in a better place and has been able to get the care and support she needs.

r-truth comeback hits snag

source: @luchalibreonlin, twitter, screenshot

Third, in a world where so many have viewed mental health issues as a sign of weakness (and they shouldn’t), good on Miller for using her position to draw attention to it.

Lastly, many fans might look at someone famous and think that they have it so great. Maybe they might…but it’s just as likely they have the same struggles we all do.

I will close by reminding you…it is OK to not be OK…we are all allowed to have those moments of weakness. And it is absolutely OK to seek help.