Kurt Angle Saved By Daughter From Drowning, Lesnar – Creative

Kurt Angle Daughter Drowning
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Kurt Angle was in a jet ski accident and drowning, before his daughter saved his life. Also, does Brock Lesnar have WWE creative control?

Kurt Angle Saved By Daughter From Drowning

Kurt Angle has ben through so mess between the Olympics, countless surgeries and making the jump to pro wrestling. Although he never trained for pro wrestling, he was a natural inside the ring.

Of course, Angle is now retired. His body simply could not handle any more bumps. So, he started some other outside projects and also spent more time for his family.

Well, the WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medalist was on vacation when things went south. They were in Miami, Florida, where Angle almost drowned.

Thankfully, he went over how his young child save his life on the Kurt Angle Show podcast.

“I put her [my daughter] on the back and we went out,” said Angle. “When I went to make a turn, I slowed down and stopped, I wanted to make a turn and I didn’t put the accelerator on when I was turning.” 

“And, we flipped over. We went into the ocean.”

Because of Angle’s long history with neck issues, he was having trouble getting back on the jet ski.

“Now, Thank God my daughter is like an Olympic-caliber swimmer,” said Angle. “I even had the safety vest on me, but it wasn’t working.” 

“I was still sinking and I can’t swim. So, I’m in trouble as I couldn’t get above water.” 

“I was going under. My daughter kept her composure. The jet ski got away from us.” 

“It was like 50 feet away from us. She didn’t know whether to go to the jet ski or to me, and she came over to me and saved my life.”

“She pulled me over to the jet ski and swam 50 yards with me in her hands. Then, she’s pushing and I couldn’t get myself on a jet ski.” 

“My arms are so weak now because of my neck. I can’t push myself up.” 

“So now she’s putting her hands under my a— and pushing me up onto the jet ski. And she got me up there.” 

“Then she jumped up behind me and I said, ‘You know what, honey? You just saved my life.’”

At least the scary story has a happy ending. Sadly, it sounds familiar to Shad Gaspard. 

He passed in May 2022 while trying to save his son, who was drowning in the ocean.

Lesnar – Creative

Kurt Angle Daughter Drowning

Source: @WrestlingEdge, Twitter, Screenshot

Unlike WCW, WWE is not known to give thier talent creative control. We saw the mess that caused WCW when several wrestlers had such a clause.

Although, Eric Bischoff noted on the Strictly Business.podcast how Lesnar has the same control.   

“Anybody that buys into the narrative that I let talent run creative [in WCW] and I gave everybody creative control, let me tell you something,” said Bischoff. “Brock Lesnar has creative control.” 

“And, he exercises the hell out of it. Like, the hell out of it.”

Considering how much Lesnar makes and what he draws, it is possible gives him creative control. Now, it is unlikely he has full creative control because that just causes problems.  

Lesnar could be back on WWE TV as soon as tonight. He is feuding with Bobby Lashley and they should meet at the Royal Rumble.

As for WrestleMania 39, Lesnar against Gunther has been heavily discussed. 

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