Jay Briscoe’s Daughters Critical, NXT Segment Scrapped

jay briscoes daughters critical
Credit: @brethart, twitter, screenshot

As the wrestling world comes to terms with his death, Jay Briscoe’s daughters remain in critical condition from the fatal accident. Plus, after news broke, one NXT segment was scrapped out of respect.

Jay Briscoe’s Daughters Critical

While the wrestling world was stunned at the news of his tragic death, Jay Briscoe’s daughters remain in critical condition.

Jay Briscoe-real name Jamin Pugh-died Tuesday evening in a two car accident. 

According to Delaware State Police, Briscoe and the driver of the other pickup truck both died in the crash.

Briscoe’s two daughters were with him, and both are in the hospital in critical condition.

DSP released additional information about the accident on Wednesday, confirming the status of both Briscoe daughters.

It is important to note that some details have not been finalized, but the preliminary report is out.

Per that report, the truck Briscoe was driving was hit by the driver of the other truck. 

Also according to the report, Jay Briscoe was not wearing his seatbelt, but both daughters were. 

For what it’s worth, the driver of the other vehicle was wearing her seatbelt, but also died.

Again, at the moment, both of Briscoe’s daughters remain in critical condition.

jay briscoes daughters critical

source: @brethart, twitter, screenshot

The wrestling world was stunned by the news, with WWE even permitting their NXT broadcasters to reveal the tragic passing on Tuesday’s live broadcast.

Briscoe’s wife shared updates on both daughters following the accident, as covered by POST Wrestling.

One daughter was heading into surgery for a back injury while the other was said to have serious injuries but was currently resting.

We join the wrestling community in offering prayers for Pugh’s daughters in their recovery, as well as his family and friends in this time of grief.

NXT Segment Scrapped Out Of Respect

As noted, the brand covered Briscoe’s death on Tuesday…but NXT also had a segment scrapped out of respect.

Clearly going through with such a segment would have been in poor taste. Thankfully, changes were made.

Per the report, the New Day were going to have a funeral for Pretty Deadly’s tag title opportunity, but once talent got word of Briscoe’s tragic passing, plans were changed.

Instead, we got New Day working on the mic with Pretty Deadly and then joined by Gallus.

That segment devolved into a brawl, ultimately setting up a three way match for the NXT Tag Team Championships at Vengeance Day next month.

Scrapping a segment is nothing new, those happen all the time. To me, this is a much bigger deal because it is becoming more and more accepted to acknowledge that there is wrestling outside of WWE.

jay briscoes daughters critical

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

I know that seems silly, but Jay Briscoe never wrestled a day on television for WWE. Yes, they tried out, but they never signed.

No WWE fan, if they only ever watched and followed WWE, would be likely to know of Jay Briscoe.

However, plenty of fans do know him, and more important, many in the locker room know him. 

His tragic passing deserved the recognition it got, even from a competing company.

Rest in peace, Jamin.

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