Jake Paul Vs. Francis Ngannou? It Could Happen In PFL

When PFL made the decision to sign Jake Paul, they did so with just this in mind.

Shortly after UFC president Dana White confirmed that talks with Francis Ngannou were finished, reports started circulating that Paul had offered a deal to the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Ngannou opted to undergo surgery while holding the belt, but issues with White and his contract also put him on the sidelines.

Paul, according to the report, offered a two-fight deal to Ngannou. The first would be a boxing match, with the second seeing the brash youngster stepping into the cage.

PFL would make it possible for all of this to happen, one would have to believe.

Just recently, the promotion signed Paul and placed him in a key role in the PFL Super Fight Division that would see fights air live on pay-per-view. Also, those competing in said fights would earn a portion of the PPV buy rates.

That would seem to fit the bill for what Ngannou is looking for.

And, when you look at the names the promotion has brought over in recent months and years, one would find it very, very likely that they will come after Ngannou, the biggest MMA name on the market in quite some time.

He is a devastating heavyweight with knockout power and cardio to go the distance all in one.

Paul, meanwhile, would bring in some big-time headlines for both fights. First, we would get to see him against a fighter in their prime and with explosive KO skills.

Second, Paul changing it up and entering into Ngannou’s world of mixed martial arts would provide him an opportunity to show he can do it all.

What do you think? Are you interested in seeing Ngannou sign with the PFL and possibly face Paul?

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