could nxt trio return
source:@rxshhyy, twitter, screenshot

We’ve seen quite a few hired back…now could one NXT trio return next? And will we ever see Kylie Rae stick in WWE?

Could NXT Trio Return

Ever since Triple H got to run things, we’ve seen plenty of Superstars come back. Could a dominant NXT trio return next?

And, while plenty of buzz seems to indicate we are getting some semblance of Sanity to return…that is not the NXT trio we are thinking about here.

According to Fightful, WWE has discussed a possible return for the Authors of Pain.

AoP was dominant in NXT, managed by WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering.

Of course, once they landed on the main roster, the trio became a duo, with Akkam and Rezar ditching Ellering.

There was chatter as to the reasoning behind dropping the manager (some said Paul didn’t want to be on the road, others blamed Vince’s disdain for managers), but that does not matter now.

What does matter? That WWE is apparently interested in them again, not as a duo, but as a returning trio that was dominant in NXT.

The timing is interesting, too.

could nxt trio return

source:@rxshhyy, twitter, screenshot

For one, we are seeing WWE have tag tournaments on both RAW and SmackDown. The Usos will be defending the tag belts on a per-brand basis, as things currently sit.

Having AoP return to take a spot in the RAW bracket could be something. Would we even see them pop up on the RAW anniversary show?

The rumored interest is curious for another reason too.

Now that Vince McMahon has returned to some extent or another, people are not quite sure what to make of it.

If Triple H still has the ability to bring in talent as he sees fit, it’s a good indication that, so far, McMahon is keeping his hands off.

Will We See Kylie Rae In WWE?

Speaking of bringing talent in, will we ever see Kylie Rae in WWE?

I mean, we’ve seen her…but not really.

Kylie Rae is a name wrestling fans know, but some WWE fans may not.

She was part of the earliest batch of talent for AEW, but before that went anywhere, she was asking for her release.

Kylie Rae has made news before, owing to her mental health struggles. The talented performer has been up front about them, and how her career has been impacted.

Most recently, Kylie Rae took part in a WWE tryout. That lead to a match on WWE Main Event, working as Brianna Ray.

She spoke on a podcast recently about her tryout and what the future holds for her in WWE…if anything.

could nxt trio return

source:@dorbyallen, twitter, screenshot

According to Kylie Rae, as far as she knows right now, WWE does not have plans for her.

She expects she won’t be in the Royal Rumble, and for now, implies that the messaging that she’s received points to it not being her time yet.

Given what she has endured outside the ring, seeing her get a big shot could be quite the story.

With the Royal Rumble just days away, having her be a surprise entrant could be cool…but may not move the needle like WWE wants for those surprises.