Bray Wyatt: The Fiend Died, Two Rumored Royal Rumbles Names

Bray Wyatt The Fiend
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According to Bray Wyatt, The Fiend died after his lame WrestleMana 37 match. Also, two former WWE names are rumored for the Royal Rumble.

Bray Wyatt: The Fiend Died

Bray Wyatt remains one of the most unique characters in WWE history. His other gimmicks include Husky Harris, The Fiend and maybe Uncle Howdy. 

Plus, it has been a crazy time for Wyatt. His swamp monster gimmick was getting boring.

Therefore, he transition into The Fiend.

Many fans liked the change, but there were problems. Particularly, he was almost unbeatable and did not sell moves.

So, this left anyone who feuded with The Fiend looking weak. Then, WWE ran an angle where Randy Orton lit him on fire.

He returned in time for WrestleMania 37, where he lost to Orton in a handful of minutes. The ending left people puzzled.

Wyatt would then be released in late July of 2021. Again, fans were shocked by the decision.

While away, Wyatt did not work for any other wrestling promotion. In fact, he remained mostly silent.

Eventually, WWE decided to bring Wyatt back. For a month, WWE dropped hidden QR codes and White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane would play.

Extreme Rules closed with Wyatt returning. And, this time, his Firefly Fun House characters turned into actual people.

The return was a major hit. As for The Fiend, Wyatt does not see it returning.

Bray Wyatt On His WWE Future

While speaking to Ryan Satin, Wyatt called that chapter in his life dead.

“The Fiend died that day in Tampa, Florida, at WrestleMania, to me,” said Wyatt. “The Fiend is not just a goof in a mask, like people think.” 

“That’s just ridiculous. To me, it’s so much more where all these things come from.” 

“How they molded me as a human being. But, he died that day, to me, and it can’t never be again.”

For now, Wyatt is preparing for his first match back since re-signing with WWE. He takes on LA Knight in a Pitch Black Match at tomorrow’s Royal Rumble.

If you are wondering what a Pitch Black Match is, that is great question. So far, WWE has not explained the rules of the match.

Two Rumored Royal Rumbles Names

Bray Wyatt The Fiend

Source: @MichaelPorter98, Twitter, Screenshot

Typically with the Royal Rumble, WWE likes to toss in surprises. That means names from the past and future are likely to appear.

PWInsider suggests that Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green are possible entrants in the Rumble. The report continued how both are likely done with Impact Wrestling.

Now, Impact Wresting did hold tapings, so Cardona may still appear on TV for a few more weeks.

Cardona worked for WWE under the name, Zack Ryder. He was one of the first WWE superstars to use social media to stay relevant.

Green also worked for WWE, but mostly appeared in NXT. She was called to the main roster, but suffered an injury right away.

The real life couple have shined since being released by WWE. They revolutionized their characters and showed they can be stars without WWE or AEW.

Saturday is a big night for WWE as the Royal Rumble officially begins the road to WrestleMania.

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