Beneil Dariush Makes Interesting Comments Regarding Dustin Poirier

Beneil Dariush was a recent guest on Submission Radio, and the name Dustin Poirier came up.

Dariush made it known that he believes “The Diamond” needs to be upfront with his future and plans.

“I wish he’d be a little bit more clear as to like, what is it that doesn’t excite him about me? Are my fights not exciting enough? Or is it a skill issue? Or is it just because I don’t have the name?” Dariush said. “If it’s just because of the name, man, he should really consider… and I say this as nicely as possible, I’m not trying to be a dick, but he should really consider retiring. Because if you’re gonna look for the names, if you’re gonna look to fight only guys that, you know, the name will get you. Oh, there’s dogs coming. There’s dogs, and they’re young and they’re hungry and they’re looking to kill. There’s guys out there already, and like, there’s not a whole lot of Michael Chandler’s left out there in the division.

“Like, how many more fights like that can you get you? You’re gonna have to fight one of these dogs. And currently I’m at the forefront of these guys. So, either step up or think about doing something else. And he seems successful. So, if you’re not genuinely… fighting is not a sport you want to be half-hearted about. So, if he’s not a hundred percent in, he should really reconsider what he’s doing.

“These are guys that I genuinely want to fight. You know, the reason why I fought Gamrot wasn’t because I had to fight Gamrot. It wasn’t like they were making me fight him. I fought Gamrot because I was like, bro, look at the fight he just had with Arman. What a freaking fight. And it got my blood pumping.

“So, I was like, let me fight this guy. And it’s the same thing when I watch Dustin Poirier fight Michael Chandler. It gets me pumped and I wanna fight these guys. They’re great, they do certain things so well, and it would be great to be able to compete against them. But you can’t do anything about it when they don’t wanna do it.”

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