Sasha Banks Trademark Hints Return, Becky Lynch RAW Promo

Sasha Banks Hints Return
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A trademark filing from Sasha Banks hints a wrestling return. But where will she end up? Plus, Becky Lynch drops an emotional promo after RAW.

Sasha Banks Trademark Teases Return

With some assistance from lawyer Michael Dockins, Banks filed a trademark on December 1st. What was the trademark filing?

It seems she was looking to trademark “Mercedes Varnado”, her real name, for entertainment services. This includes audio and live visual performances “by an actor or musician”.

In addition, it includes entertainment in the form of wrestling contests, performances, live appearances, and exhibits. This filing follows a number of other trademarks filed late last month that could be linked to Banks.

These were “Mone’ Talks”, “Mercdes Mone”, “Statement Maker”, and “Bank Mone”. Both Dockins nor Banks have neither denied or confirmed the link of these filings.

Sasha Banks Trademark Teases Return – But Will It Be WWE?

Trademarking her real name for entertainment projects, including wrestling, somewhat suggests she could be returning to sports entertainment, but outside the WWE. The company generally shies away from performers going by their real names, most times.

According to reports, WWE fans chanted Banks’ name during Survivor Series WarGames. However, it was said the company muted this out during the broadcast.

It was said via a report that Banks and the WWE came together to talk out a deal, but the situation was still thought to be “muddy”. As per another report back in October, there have seemingly been “hang-ups” between the two parties about a comeback.

Will Banks ever return? Only time will tell.

The silver lining is The Man made an explosive return to the WWE from injury, right before Survivor Series. She ended up participating in the WarGames match and successfully won the bout for her team.

For those that watched Monday Night RAW, it’s great to see Becky Lynch back in the swing of things. Still, after the show went off the air, Becks cut a very emotional promo.

Becky Lynch RAW Promo

Lynch faced off against Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss in a triple-threat bout on RAW this week. It looked like Becks had it all wrapped up, but Damage CTRL nipped that win in the bud.

Sasha Banks Hints Return

Source: @SteveFall, Twitter, Screenshot

After RAW went off the air, The Man hit the mic and dropped a highly emotional promo. This can be seen in the tweet, below.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

As you can see from the clip, Lynch thanked “each and every one of you” (fans) for their support. She states she missed everyone so much.

Lynch adds there’s “no limit” to what she would do to prove how much she loves her fans and for everything they’ve “shown” her. She ends it off by telling the fans to drive safely and “get home”.

Before injury sent her out of action this past August, Lynch was riding a heel wave as Big Time Becks. She turned face after her match with Bianca Belair at SummerSlam but hasn’t truly had an opportunity to run with it.

Now that she’s back, The Man gimmick is in full force again. Will this babyface run also bring her a RAW Women’s Championship reign?

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