Royal Rumble Return Teased, John Cena Injured A Superstar

royal rumble return teased
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With the premium live event getting closer, one Royal Rumble return is being teased. Plus, check out when John Cena seriously injured a fellow Superstar.

Royal Rumble Return Teased

It’s getting to be that time of year, when fans get hopes up for surprises. Now, a month and change before it, one Royal Rumble return is being teased.

By the former Superstar himself.

You might remember him as Zack Ryder. By the time his WWE run was over, he was more over with fans than management.

Now known as Matt Cardona on the indies, he has enjoyed quite a bit of success outside of WWE.

His success, coupled with that grass roots popularity, has had fans hoping for a return.

Now, Cardona is stoking those flames himself.

As in, a Royal Rumble return is teased.

Check his post from the other day:

This is not the first time Cardona back to WWE has been teased.

Rumors of his return have only ramped up since his better half, Chelsea Green, was rumored to be nearing her own WWE return.

royal rumble return teased

source: @wrestlereview4u, twitter, screenshot

Once she does arrive-if, indeed, she has returned-expect those whispers and wishes to only increase.

It also seems that if he does re-join the company, he will not be bringing back Zack Ryder.

There might be some fans who could be concerned with the significant influx of talent since Triple H took over.

However, there are plenty of others who recognize that new talent…good talent…will find a fit and make things better.

That could be Cardona, and perhaps he’s back in the Rumble next month.

John Cena Injured A Superstar

Now, this one is going back a bit, but John Cena actually badly injured a former Superstar.

No, not Zack Ryder.

The story comes from another former Superstar, Renee Dupree, and his podcast.

On a recent episode, Dupree took us back in time.

Specifically 2004, when Jesus and Carlito were still in WWE, and a much younger John Cena was in the midst of a United States Championship reign.

During one exchange, according to Dupree, Cena kicked Jesus in the head and managed to break his neck.

The injury, while severe, was not as bad as it could have been. Jesus was on the shelf for over half a year.

As the story goes, the injured Superstar attempted to make a return when WWE stopped in his home town of San Diego.

It seems his plans did not line up with then-boss Vince McMahon.

According to Dupree, Jesus arrived fully dressed to get in the ring. That ticked off Vince, and that ended Jesus’ time with the company.

As we look forward to Cena’s return to television to close out 2022, this one is an interesting footnote in his long and legendary career.

royal rumble return teased

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

In the grand scheme of things, injuries are a part of wrestling, and they always have been and will be.

Wrestle long enough, someone will hurt you, or you will hurt someone. Accidents happen, and from what’s been said, that is all this seems to have been.

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