Roman Reigns With One Title, Tyson Fury WrestleMania Issues

roman reigns one belt
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. .Crazy as it may sound, we might soon see Roman Reigns with only one title. Plus, Tyson Fury has some WrestleMania travel issues.

Roman Reigns With One Title

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve seen Roman Reigns with one title, but we may be seeing that again early in 2023.

Reports came out recently that discussed WWE’s tentative WrestleMania plans for Roman Reigns.

According to the report, the holy grail match would have Roman Reigns battle The Rock on night two of WrestleMania in Hollywood.

That plan, of course, hinges on if The Rock can be available for the event, and at all during the build to it.

We also learned recently that if there are concerns about Rock’s ability to commit, WWE has a really good (arguably better?) plan B in Cody Rhodes.

There have been a number of reports that are coming out to indicate that Reigns will only be defending one title against either The Rock or CodyRhodes.

roman reigns one belt

source: @italkwrestling, twitter, screenshot

And now, things are looking more and more likely that Reigns drops a title ahead of WrestleMania.

As was reported earlier, there is talk of the first night of WrestleMania having a title match between Seth Rollins and possibly Drew McIntyre.

Given the nature of the speculation, the belt would be either the WWE or Universal Championship, but first, Reigns has to drop the title.

It’s already been said that WWE knows who Reigns drops the title(s) to. What remains to be seen is how and when.

Could WWE administratively force Reigns to relinquish a title, thus keeping him from taking a pinfall loss?

If so, might we see yet another Rumble fought not for a title shot, but for the title itself?

Tyson Fury WrestleMania Issues

While the company would love to bring him over for the biggest show, Tyson Fury may have some WrestleMania travel issues.

As of this moment Tyson Fury is not able to get clearance to travel into the United States.

That’s sort of a big deal, considering WrestleMania is in Hollywood.

We’ve seen Fury work with WWE in the past, including in the United States.

Most recently, we can recall he closed out Clash at the Castle with a nice sing-a-long.

Per reports, WWE had plans for Fury to have something to do next month at the Royal Rumble.

roman reigns one belt

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

That involvement would likely serve as a launching point for a featured match on April’s 2-night WrestleMania card.

However, according to The Sun, the Fury brothers cannot get visas, due to some rather dubious alleged connections.

Specifically, both Fury brothers are said to have links to an Irish mob boss. Those links have them both flagged to be denied entry.

Now, we can speculate what match they might have had in mind for Fury. Odds are against it happening in the United States in the next few months.

With fewer issues for international events, perhaps we will still see another Fury-WWE match. For now, that is more likely at a future Saudi Arabia event instead.

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