ROH TV Deal Update
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After Final Battle, Tony Khan had a ROH TV deal update. Also, after appearing on Rampage, did Trent Seven sign with AEW?

ROH TV Deal Update

Last year, Ring of Honor (ROH) left many wondering about the future of the company. They announced they were going on hiatus and hoped to be back.

Because of the pandemic, ROH lost a good amount of money without fans. So, they could keep losing money or be sold.

Triple H was interested, but the sale went to Tony Khan. In a rare appearance during AEW Dynamite, Khan confirmed how he purchased ROH.

Since Khan took over, there have been a total of three pay per views. They include Supercard of Honor, Death Before Dishonor and Final Battle on Saturday afternoon.

We have seen a mix of familiar ROH names mingle with those in AEW. A big question heading into Final Battle was if a TV deal would be announced.

Khan promised to address the concern and he did at the post-show media scrum. While no TV deal was secured just yet, they will stream the product on Honor Club.

“So, we have done a soft launch,” said Khan. “When I acquired Ring of Honor from Sinclair Broadcasting earlier this year, one of the assets, there were a lot of assets that no one really put a lot of thought into, but they had actually done a lot of development work and were really far along on a new Honor Club.” 

“We’ve paid the development costs since then. And, it is now functional.” 

He continued how pay per views should be uploaded 90 days after they air. Also, Kahn added how he expects to trade talent with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Still, there has to be disappoint among fans and wrestlers. There was hope Khan would announce a TV deal for weekly episodes.

Instead, we got another streaming service. 

Trent Seven Now Part Of AEW?

ROH TV Deal Update

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For AEW Rampage, Kip Sabian mentioned having an opponent for Orange Cassidy. Naturally, fans thought Miro was retuning to TV considering his previous relationship with Sabian.

Instead, a familiar face of NXT UK took the title shot. In a losing effort, Trent Seven battle Orange Cassidy. 

“He could appear with us again,” said Tony Khan. “He could certainly appear with us again.” 

“He’s come and done really nice. So, he’s been here for appearance.” 

“And, he was here watching the show very keenly. He could be a good opponent for any champions in Ring of Honor. He was great in a championship match [on Dynamite].

Prior to 2022, Seven had been with WWE since 2017. He joined as part of the tournament to crown the first WWE United Kingdom Champion.

Despite not securing singles gold, he became a two time NXT UK Tag Team Champion. He did that with Tyler Bate and they were known as Moustache Mountain. 

Back in August a good chunk of the NXT UK roster was let ago as the brand folded. Some went to NXT on Tuesday nights and the rest might land in NXT Europe.