RAW In A Nutshell: Big Night In Washington Tonight

big night Washington tonight
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

It’s another RAW In A Nutshell, and we have a big night ahead of us in Washington DC tonight.

For one thing, we’ve got not one, but two triple threat matches.

Both of those involve the Women’s Division, with the goal of getting us one step closer to a #1 contender for the RAW Women’s Championship.

The winners from each of the two bouts square off next week, the winner going on to challenge Bianca Belair.

If that isn’t enough, we have a tag title match as well. The Usos are scheduled to defend against Riddle and his latest partner, Elias.

While there is a lot of runway between now and the Royal Rumble...and we are just weeks away from the holidays and end of 2022…there’s no slowing down now.

So, we know three big matches, but I have a feeling there’s more in store. After all, it is poised to be a big night in Washington tonight.

Without any further delays…it is time for…

RAW In A Nutshell: Big Night In Washington Tonight

big night Washington tonight

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Let’s crack open this Nutshell and find out!

Best Match of the night:

It’s a three way tie.

The tag title match, for one.

That was then tied with both of the triple threat matches.

I would argue that the main event (Lynch, Bliss, Cross) was a bit better. But both were good.

big night washington tonight

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Worst match of the night:

Austin Theory and Mustafa Ali, if only because it was cut short.

Dolph showing up is cool and all, but Ali now has an axe to grind.

Of course, having Dolph interfere protects the others. Theory doesn’t have to squash Ali or anything.

Star of the Night

Bayley was expected to be there. How many of us expected to see Becky Lynch there too?

Instead, it looks like we are seeing Alexa Bliss rise again.

Could next week be the week where she reunites with Bray?

Spot of the Night:

Solo delivering the Samoan Spike.

Jobber of the Night:

I am going to go with…Pete Williams.

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

He did eat Lashley’s spear, so why not.

Upset of the Night:

Mildly shocked that Bliss won.

It makes sense, but as much as we saw Bayley and Becky, and then Becky and Rhea talk smack…I expected Becky.

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

I could go with the Ric Flair documentary from WWE hitting on December 26th. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention, but I was more aware of the non-WWE ones.

But my main choice?

We opened RAW with the tag title bout. Right out of the gate, it was not Elias as promised teaming with Riddle.

Solo Sikoa took out Elias, so it was Kevin Owens teaming with Matt Riddle.

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

The babyface team lost, and afterwards, Riddle was destroyed. Guess he’s written off television for a bit.

Usually that is what we get with an ambulace ride, right?

Botch of the night:

Asuka went to leap off of Ripley (I think) to drill Bayley…and nearly completely whiffed.

Still managed to connect a glancing blow, but she mis-planted and it was not close.

Commentary of the night:

Graves had a dynamite Wayne’s World reference, quoting Alice Cooper’s line about Milwaukee.

Milwaukee being the host city for next week.

LOL Moment of the night:

JBL telling Miz that his Rolex was fake.

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Or, just JBL’s poker room and tournament.

Lastly…yes more JBL…he took his time on commentary to take another shot at the flippy floppy comments.

Noteworthy Moment:

Flair’s got an interesting looking documentary coming right after Christmas.

Next week, Bayley gets another chance to become #1 contender for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Of course, standing in her way will be…Alexa Bliss.

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Next week, we get to see this one again…

Overall lowlights:

Not really a lowlight, but how long will we continue to see the Wyatt logo flash behind Alexa, before we finally see it go further?

Answer…not yet, but it feels like it is closer.

Also…I get WWE and USA have an interest in it, but if I never see another Barmegeddon ad it might be too soon.

Overall highlights:

Opened with a banger, closed with one too.

Had a few good segments in between.

Great show it was not, but it was very watchable and I dig it.

After the final bell:

Honestly, knowing that there is a quiet time between now and the Rumble…would you have blamed WWE from slowing down?

Probably not. And I do hope we get that at least between Christmas and New Years.

But we aren’t there yet, and the booking is not taking any breaks.

We started off December with a bang, and things already look solid for next week.


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