Plans For WrestleMania 39
Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

As the holidays wind down, WWE fans look onward to the Road to WrestleMania season. Taking place in L.A., it’s sure to be a big one. From the sounds of it, the company is finalizing plans for the main events of the two-night extravaganza!

Plans For JD WrestleMania 39

Reports reveal that The Rock could make a major return at WM 39. Plans are for him to challenge his cousin, Roman Reigns, in the main event.

With that said, a Wrestling News report reveals that nothing has been finalized for Dwayne Johnson’s return. It seems that the WWE is still trying to “lock” in The Great One.

The good news is that the company has a plan  if they can’t get The Rock to participate in the Grandest Stage of Them All. What could that be?

Alternate Plans For WrestleMania 39

As per the Wrestling News report, the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes may end up challenging Roman Reigns, if The Rock cannot return. Then again, he’s also penciled in for a WWE Championship match against Seth Rollins for night one (along with Drew McIntyre).

The idea is, if the Rock can’t attend WM 39, then Rhodes steps in to face Reigns, and McIntyre will face Rollins. If The Rock can attend, then Rhodes would face Rollins.

Either way, Cody Rhodes will be a major part of WrestleMania 39. Could he walk away from the event with high-level WWE gold?

It’ll be interesting to see how the card pans out, in the end. WM 39 takes place Saturday, April 1st, and Sunday, April 2nd at the So-Fi Stadium in Los Angles, California.

Speaking of Reigns, the Head of the Table has dominated the land of WWE since his splashing return at SummerSlam in 2020. He remains the top dog of the company, currently as a double champion, and there seem to be plans to change that status.

Roman Reigns As Double Champion

As mentioned above, WM 39’s “Night One” will feature a WWE Championship match that will either pit Seth Rollins against Drew McIntyre or Cody Rhodes. As per spoilers, this all depends on The Rock’s attendance.

Plans For WrestleMania 39

Source: @TheEnemiesPE3, Twitter, Screenshot

Meanwhile, the Big Dog is set to face either his celebrity cousin or Rhodes, on night 2, defending his Universal Championship. It’s important to note that Roman is only booked for one match during the weekend-long event.

How, When, & Why?

From the sounds of it, it looks as if Reigns’ “double champion” status will change before WM 39. If a WWE Championship match is happening on night one, and he’s scheduled for night two, then the Tribal Chief will likely lose one of his titles, sometime in early 2023.

The Head of the Table has been champ-champ since WrestleMania 38. On the second night of the event, he beat Brock Lesnar and became the first WWE superstar to hold both the Universal Championship and the WWE title.

He’s been riding a very high wave since. But now that he’s a part-time superstar, does it makes sense for him to hold both titles?

So holding all the gold can hinder other storylines and superstars. Which makes sense that there is plans to drop Roman Reigns’ double champion status to single-gold-holder.