Maven Encourages Steroid Use, The Hardys’ Final Match

Maven Encourages Steroid Use
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Despite the dangers, ex WWE superstar Maven encourages steroid use. Also, The Hardys know who they want to face in their final tag team match.

Maven Encourages Steroid Use

Maven will got down as the greatest wrestler to ever enter the ring. He won the Hardcore Championship three times, but everyone held that gold.

Although, he will go down as winning the first season of Tough Enough alongside Nidia.

Maven was quickly pushed on TV, so he has a different career than most. After several years, he was let go by WWE.

On the Monte and The Pharoh Variety Show, Maven went over steroid use during his pro wrestling days. In a shocking statement, he admitted to taking steroids and wish he did more.

“I’m starting to run into, you know, the regular, normal stuff wrestlers run into — the wear and tear on the body,” said Maven. “And when I say constant, I mean there’s not one day now where I do not wake up in pain.”

“Here’s what I hate, and when I say hate, I mean with a passion. It’s when I see any athlete get on in their 50s and they say how much they would have done something different if they would had known differently.” 

“No, you wouldn’t because when we’re in our 20s, when we’re young and when somebody is flashing money and fame, your blinders are up.”

“I hate it when guys talk about, you know, ‘Did you take steroids?’ And they beat around.” 

“So, I did and I’m not sorry for it. I wish I had taken more!” 

Of course, we see the dangers of steroids when overuses. Too many athletes have passed away because of substance abuse, including steroids 

Maven mostly retired from pro wrestling after WWE. He worked a bit, but has not competed since 2016.

During that time he was arrested for doctor shopping due to a painkiller addiction. In the end, he got help from WWE.  

The Hardys’ Final Match

Maven Encourages Steroid Use

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Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy changed the landscape of tag team wrestling. The Hardy Boys, along with The Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian, created the TLC Match.

While Jeff has found more success of the two brothers, they remain a popular tag team. 

Matt joined AEW a few years back after not re-signing with WWE and Jeff was released. They reunited on AEW and seemed set for a major push.

Although, Jeff found himself in more trouble after another DUI. He is awaiting trial and currently suspended from AEW.

On the The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt went over their TLC history. He would like to conclude his tag team days with The Hardys against the Edge & Christian.

“Our rivalry is just so iconic and I feel like that would be a pretty amazing way to end it,” said Matt. “Having one last match with those guys.”

It is a possibility, but a few things needs to happen. 

First, Jeff needs to resolve his legal matters. Next, Edge would need to leave WWE and join Christian in AEW.

It seems farfetched as Edge wants to retire in WWE and likely in Canada. 

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