Big ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry Angle Dropped, AEW Changes Course

Jack Perry Angle Dropped
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A big AEW angle, which would have benefited ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry, was dropped. Also, the company continues to change direction

Big ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry Angle Dropped

When putting AEW together, the company looked at four wrestlers as their future. One of those names included, ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry.

Before we get to Perry, let us quickly switch to Dynamite this past week. In a major upset and his debut, Action Andretti was able to get the pin on Chris Jericho. 

Now, before Andretti, that spot was originally set for Perry. On the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went over the situation.

“[Jericho] was going to do something similar with Jungle Boy, but he didn’t want to do it with no crowds,” said Meltzer. “By the time the crowd came back, the whole dynamic had changed and he was in different places and it just didn’t fit it.” 

“To do it now, he could have done it with Jungle Boy, Takeshita and others. The thing on those is, in all three cases, people watching the match, in the back of their heads would go, ‘maybe he’s gonna do it.’” 

“If those guys would’ve won, it would’ve big been for them to win. But it wouldn’t have been as big a talking point.”

The lack of crowd means AEW wanted to do this years ago. Like the rest of world, AEW had to deal with the pandemic.

AEW is lucky as many companies could not last without fans. They have money from the Khan family, hence why they are still around.

If Perry did pin Jericho back then, it would have been huge. That kind of victory brings someone into the main event scene.

At this point, Perry does not need such a win. He is finally out of the tag team picture and looks be aiming for big things.

Besides losing to Andretti, Jericho also dropped the Ring Of Honor World Championship back to Claudio Castagnoli. He is in what some call a slump. 

Perry is having the opposite problem after defeating Luchasaurus. Now, he is going against another giant in, Big Bill.

AEW Changes Course

Jack Perry Angle Dropped

Source: @BRWrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Heading into Full Gear, fans were seeing a different side of MJF. He was a teasing a face turn, which would be huge for his career.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they noted AEW wanted a new top babyface. Although, considering what occurred, that idea has been paused.

MJF won the title thanks to William Regal turning on Jon Moxley. A few days later, MJF turned on Regal to solidly his heel status.

The attack on Regal was done to remove him from TV. He will return to WWE in January and is rumored to be named a Vice President.

MJF is yet to sign a new contract with AEW. He is a big star and has been clear that he will pursue other options when the deal is up in about a year.

Personally, I prefer MJF in the heel role.

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