Barry Windham In ICU, WWE Looking To Diversify

barry windham in icu
Credit: @tweet_wrestling, twitter, screenshot

In some tragic news, Barry Windham is in ICU after suffering a heart attack over the weekend. Plus, WWE is looking to diversity some business interests.

Barry Windham In ICU

In news that emerged earlier in the day, Barry Wyndham is reportedly in ICU after suffering a massive heart attack over the weekend.

The news popped up on more mainstream outlets, such as TMZ.

Former WWE employee Mike Mooneyham posted about Wyndham via social media.

In a timely reply to Mooneyham, at least one fan pointed out some links to the current product and stories.

That is, Windham looks a lot like the mysterious Uncle Howdy character that is pulling some of Bray Wyatt’s strings.

There had been some speculation that Barry Windham at a minimum inspired the look, but could also have been involved.

Given this major health event, any of those plans don’t really matter much now.

barry windham in icu

source: @tweet_wrestling, twitter, screenshot

If Windham was involved, it seems a safe bet that things will have to pivot.

Regardless of any ties to current and future stories, Windham will be in the thoughts and prayers of many wrestling fans.

The WWE Hall of Famer is well known for a career that took him around the world. While he was not as famous as Flair or Hogan, he did plenty during his long career.

A GoFundMe has been created with a goal of $20,000. Anyone looking to donate, please click here.

WWE Looking To Diversify

As any major company tends to do, WWE is looking to diversity it’s business interests.

Specifically, other combat sports.

We’ve already seen WWE dabble in movies and television. The company has a streaming service which it launched and has since sold off to NBCUniversal.

Now, we are told, the company is considering getting into things a little closer to their strength.

WWE handles the wrestling and sports entertainment side well. What if they went into boxing?

While there is nothing concrete, Stephanie McMahon alluded to it during a recent executive summit.

When asked about the idea if WWE could look to grow by acquiring smaller wrestling companies, like AEW did with ROH...she changed course.

To her point, her family has handled boxing promotion before, and there’s certainly some cross-overs that we’ve seen. 

Stephanie also stated the obvious-boxing has a number of titles, held by different champions, and sometimes it is hard to follow.

At least, for a more casual fan.

I remember when everyone knew Mike Tyson was the man with all the gold. Back then, I wasn’t a boxing fan, you just knew who Iron Mike was.

barry windham in icu

source: @wraslinrepublic, twitter, screenshot

Now, I am familiar with Tyson Fury, but not many other names.

Given what WWE is capable of doing, and what they’ve done…could you imagine how they might be able to alter the boxing landscape?

Of course, that could be a good thing or a bad thing. It might not even ever be a thing at all.

But it does show that WWE is open to growth outside of their own squared circle.


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