WWE Mood In Saudi During Crown Jewel + Tyler Breeze Retired?

WWE Saudi Crown Jewel
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WWE has a long history of controversy when it comes to performing in Saudi Arabia. Sounds like this year’s Crown Jewel event was no exception. But what was the overall mood of the superstars and crew this past weekend? More on this story, below.

WWE Mood In Saudi During Crown Jewel

As most are aware, mere days before Crown Jewel, the Wall Street Journal published a report claiming the Saudi government had concerns over a possible attack by Iran. This was denied by the Iranian government.

Fightful recently reported on the overall mood of talent and crew during Crown Jewel. Apparently, the general feeling was that this past weekend was an “easier” Saudi trip than experiences in the past.

While there was some worry about a potential threat from Iran, the overall traveling went smoothly. Considering everything that’s gone down before with these events, this is positive news.

Past WWE Worries In Saudi During Crown Jewel

Who could forget the 2019 incident with WWE stars and crew while in Saudi for an event? Many talents were stuck in the country for quite a while and had to miss SmackDown that week.

WWE issued an official statement, noting it was mechanical problems. Still, many reports revealed that the company’s statement was not true.

In fact, these reports note that the Saudi government wasn’t allowing the WWE crew and superstars to leave. AJ Styles would comment on what went down during a live stream on Mixer.

He stated that WWE stars were given access to board the airplane. Styles was told it was because a fuel truck was in the way.

He noted that then there were paperwork issues. Once the superstars were finally on the plane, they were told something needed to be fixed before leaving.

Sounds like a tremendous ordeal. It’s surprising that many superstars still perform at these events, all considering.

With that said, the Saudi deal has been quite profitable for the WWE. Looks like there will be many more events in the future.

On to other news, Tyler Breeze was let go from the WWE in the summer of 2021 and hasn’t wrestled since. Could this mean he’s officially retired?

Tyler Breeze Retired?

While Breeze hasn’t been seen in the ring since leaving the WWE, he does run a wrestling school with AEW’s Shawn Spears. Interestingly enough, Spears was on The Sessions with Renee Paquette recently.

WWE Saudi Crown Jewel

Source: @WrestleOps, Twitter, Screenshot

During the chat, Shawn notes that Breeze believes his in-ring career is over. As Spears states, the two will “hop” in the school ring now and have 20-25 minutes in there to get some cardio in.

Shawn states that they did just this a couple of weeks ago with the Gunns. Spears goes on to say that Breeze can still “go” and still “does everything”, but when he asks Tyler about another run, Breeze says, “Nah, I’m retired”.

“Sees” The Excitement In His Eyes

Spears is unsure if Breeze’s retirement claims are true. As he puts it during his chat with Renee, he can still “see” the excitement in Tyler’s eyes when he jumps into the squared circle.

Shawn also states that he hopes Breeze isn’t “done” with in-ring competition because he’s so passionate about the wrestling business. Spears notes that Tyler may need the right opportunity.

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