When Might Logan Paul Be Back, Randy Orton Out A While

when logan paul back
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We knew he got banged up at Crown Jewel, so when might Logan Paul be back? And the news on another injured Superstar isn’t great-Randy Orton might still be out a while.

When Might Logan Paul Be Back

There’s a lot going on pertaining to him, but after his last big match…when might Logan Paul be back?

Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

Before he ever even got on a plane to leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Paul had posted that his knee was like, shredded.

Seriously, based on his post, you’d expect a six to nine month recovery.

Then things started popping up that contradicted that original post.

Like, social media posts showing Logan Paul in the gym rehabbing the knee. Shredding it as he initially stated…would not allow for that so fast.

Then, Paul decided to start poking a legendary Superstar, campaigning for a WrestleMania match.

Specifically, Logan Paul was pushing for a match against John Cena…in April.

But…how could that happen if he had a recovery timeline that would see him out until mid-2023?

Turns out…Logan Paul might be back a lot sooner.

Per his own channel, he is expected to be out at least 6 weeks. That is a far cry from best case six months.

And with that number…we can see why a WrestleMania bout with John Cena actually could happen in April.

According to Paul, he has suffered a grade 3 MCL tear. He is rehabbing and doing all that he can to be back at full strength quickly.

So, that WrestleMania dream for 2023 certainly seems alive and well, doesn’t it?

Might we see him pop up as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble?

Randy Orton Out A While

It’s been a few months since we’ve seen him, and Randy Orton is likely still out a while longer.

After RK-Bro dropped the tag titles to The Usos, Randy Orton was on the shelf.

The long time Superstar had been in pain due to injuries for some time, and underwent surgery not long ago.

According to Sean Ross Sapp over at Fightful, Orton underwent a fusion procedure to help his ailing back.

In general, the procedure has an involved recovery process. Many back surgeries can be a bit tricky, to be fair.

Per the Fightful report, Orton could be out a while longer.

To be fair, reports shortly after he went off television were saying we probably weren’t seeing him on air again in 2022.

when logan paul back

source: @reigns_era, twitter, screenshot

With just over a month left in the year, those reports seem quite accurate.pl

While we can wonder if Logan Paul might be a surprise entrant in the Rumble…I think it’s unlikely that Orton will be.

Given the understanding of his injury and recovery, there remains some speculation that we might not see Orton do much in the ring ever again.

On one hand, he’s done so much, he really doesn’t have much else left to prove.

But on the other hand, considering his career, you would like to see him go out on his own terms.

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