Update On Injured AEW Stars, ROH Television Plans

update injured aew stars
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

After Saturday’s Full Gear, Tony Khan delivered an update on a pair of injured AEW stars. Plus, what are his ROH television plans at this point?

Update On Injured AEW Stars

Following a big night for the company, Tony Khan delivered an update on a pair of injured AEW stars.

Those injured AEW stars would be Adam Cole and Adam Page.

Much has been written about Cole, who was last seen during the Forbidden Door PPV.

Given his absence, there had been whispers about when-or even if-he would return.

Recently it was reported that there were some concerned about Cole’s ability to return.

Per Khan during an uneventful post-show media session, he has spoken to both injured stars.

According to Khan, Adam Cole is doing well, but there is still no schedule in place for his return.

As for Adam Page, he was more recently injured on an episode of Dynamite.

During a main event bout against Jon Moxley, Page suffered a devastating looking concussion.

update injured aew stars

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

The match was stopped, and Page had to be taken out on a stretcher.

When discussing Page’s situation, Tony Khan said that Hangman was also doing well, and is expected back at some point.

There are no dates-at least none being shared-for either star to return.

Khan did say that he expects fans to be happy with both talents’ eventual returns.

For now, fans will have to wait and see.

Both Cole and Page are no doubt more concerned about their short and long term health.

Once they are ready, it’s safe to say AEW fans will welcome them back.

ROH Television Plans

There was a lot discussed after AEW Full Gear on Saturday, including the latest on ROH television plans.

According to Tony Khan during the post-show presser, there are ongoing conversations about those plans.

However, months after his purchase of the promotion…there are no television plans to speak of.

While ROH has run some PPV, there has not been any weekly television product.

According to Tony Khan, he believes that ROH deserves better than a weekly show broadcast on YouTube.

What that would be remains to be seen.

Khan is still working on locking up a deal with Warner, and he did mention he’s talked to them about ROH as well.

AEW already has two days covered. Assuming Tony Khan wants to have ROH on a major cable channel, we’d likely see three nights of wrestling for Khan’s promotions.

If you aren’t keeping score, that could give us a full weekday television lineup. WWE has Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

AEW runs Wednesdays and also gives us material on Fridays.

Could Tony Khan have eyes on Thursdays for a ROH television product?

update injured aew stars

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

If so…wrestling fans could conceivably have new original content five days a week.

Depending on the calendar, we could even see new content six or even seven days straight.

It’s encouraging to hear that Khan seems to be thinking bigger for ROH. Still, fans of the promotion are doubt frustrated that it has taken so long to get things moving.

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